23 August 2022, San Francisco  — A new round of initial funding for Vestaboard, the leading messaging display designed to help people inspire one another at work and home, is being led by customers. The company is renowned for its creative design, which updates a vintage display and bridges the gap between technology and interpersonal interaction. 

Vestaboard expects to experience strong growth in 2022 and 2023 after increasing sales from 2020 by seven times in 2021. The round of funding will assist the company in transitioning from a pre-order to an inventory-based strategy, meeting marketing and sales goals, and starting R&D for a second, more affordable display.

According to founder Dorrian Porter:

 “People are very drawn to Vestaboard for its aesthetic value and the impact a Vestaboard message has on individuals and families at home, as well as people in the business. Vestaboard and our upcoming products are expected to play a significant role in contemporary lifestyles. We are thrilled by the innovation that lies ahead and by our consumers’ fantastic support and love.”

The founder and managing partner of Baroda Ventures, David Bohnett, called Vestaboard a design and engineering accomplishment. Despite challenging circumstances, the team has produced hardware and software of the highest caliber. The business is expanding thanks to its first product’s magic, reliable software, and exciting future display plans significantly.

With a modern design and the ability to communicate any message from anywhere at any time, Vestaboard was created to help people inspire one another. The 8,448 flaps on Vestaboard flutter to produce a warm, enchanting sound that invites people to look up. 

Vestaboard offers concentrated, high-visibility messaging that connects people and fosters more inspiring surroundings, making it unlike any other type of electronic communication. It is an experience that incorporates both the visual and audio senses. Owners can automate content curation from a vast and expanding library of channels thanks to Vestaboard+, the brand’s optional software subscription.

Vestaboard has secured USD 10 million in initial money, and more than 70% of its accredited investors are actual customers, including business owners, investors, and executives in the tech and design industries.

 Investors in the brands include David Bohnett through Baroda Ventures, Farhan Thawar, VP of Engineering at Shopify, Hany Nada, an angel investor and venture capitalist, LA social impact entrepreneur and designer Bridgid Coulter Cheatle, and Howard Lindzon, a financial analyst and investor in both public and private companies. In the upcoming months, the corporation plans to increase investment.

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