Tampa, Florida, U.S.-based global provider of medical imaging equipment, parts, repair, and service, Probo Medical acquired Mi Healthcare. The company announced the acquisition on August 15, 2022. However, it did not disclose the terms of the transaction.

Purpose of acquisition by Probo Medical 

With the latest acquisition of Mi Healthcare, Probo intends to expand its services in the UK. These services include extending the reach of its diagnostic imaging equipment sales, rentals and service capabilities. 

Mi Healthcare has an impeccable record of 25-year of service quality in the diagnostic imaging sector. Therefore, its current positioning is appropriate as a leading partner for Probo’s continued European expansion.

Avista Capital Partners, a leading New York-based private equity firm with more than 40 growth-oriented healthcare businesses globally, backs the medical company Probo Medical.

What Probo Medical has to say

Michael Asmer, CEO of Probo, said, “Mi Healthcare is well-known in the UK market as a high-quality service provider for their customers with longstanding relationships that evidence that commitment to quality. As we look to harness the shared expertise and collaboration between our teams, we are excited at what this combination will bring to both Probo and Mi Healthcare’s customers.”

What Mi Healthcare has to say

Tim Dickinson, Founder of Mi Healthcare, said, “Our partnership with Probo will provide a deeper and more comprehensive solution set for our customers, as well as opportunities to support our growing team best.”

In addition, Mi Healthcare’s CEO, Mark Edwards, said, “We have long known the Probo team, and we are excited for the future of bringing Mi Healthcare into the Probo family. The combination with Probo connects us to a powerful platform that allows both organizations to grow faster together and brings a set of resources to our customers and employees that is unmatched in our sector.”

About Mi Healthcare 

Tim Dickinson brought the company into existence in 1995. The Liverpool, U.K-based company provides diagnostic imaging equipment sales, maintenance and servicing to NHS trusts and private health organizations across the UK. It caters to the public and private healthcare facilities across the nation. Its team provides ultrasound and x-ray sales, rental and service solutions across the UK. Moreover, it has offices in both England and Scotland. 

About Probo Medical

David Trogden is the founder of Probo Medical. The company was launched in 2014. The U.S-based company is a diversified supplier of refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment sales, service, rental, repair and installation of a vast array of imaging equipment. This equipment includes ultrasound, c-arm, x-ray, mammography, fluoroscopy, MRI and CT. 

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