California, USA-based CareerArc announced acquired Lumina, the #1 SaaS platform for generating visual job postings at scale. The company announced the acquisition on April 4, 2024. However, it did not disclose the amount of the deal.

Purpose of the acquisition by CareerArc

As CareerArc makes a significant move to address one of the biggest obstacles facing talent acquisition teams in their recruitment marketing initiatives—content development—the acquisition represents an aggressive investment in automated video creation.

With the inclusion of Lumina-powered automated video creation, CareerArc is now an even more potent tool for organizations trying to draw in candidates and maximize the social media shares of their job posts.

CareerArc will keep pushing on technologies that enable the creation of employment content more accessible and easy when Lumina is acquired. Later this year, major changes to the CareerArc platform are anticipated to go live. 

What the Lumina Official has to add

Brian Forrester, CEO of CareerArc and Founder of Lumina, said, “Video is powerful. For employers, the hurdle has always been creating Video at scale, quickly, and affordably. Lumina’s mission was to solve that problem with technology and we’ve succeeded. Looking forward, it became clear that the next big challenge was distribution; that’s where CareerArc came in, initially as a partner, then as an acquirer. By pairing content and distribution, we’re taking two industry-leading players and bringing them together to deliver greater value to the market.”  

What others have to say

A Fortune 500 staffing and recruiting agency reported, “ On Facebook, we’ve seen a 40% increase in applications as well as a 50-60% increase in engagement when we use Lumina videos.” 

A top healthcare system in the United States activated the Lumina integration within CareerArc and reported “more engagement, more job clicks per post, and better reach than a traditional static post.”

About CareerArc

Since its founding in 2009, CareerArc has assisted some of the biggest and most innovative brands in the world in transforming their social media presence into a valuable source of candidates. Talent acquisition teams may fulfil their important hiring demands and recruitment goals by using CareerArc’s social recruiting tools and services, which enable them to convey their employer brand at scale and build meaningful brand awareness, affinity, and engagement. 

About Lumina

In order to improve the employer brand and boost applications, Lumina Visual Job Postings can be integrated into career pages and job boards in addition to social media. When a large employment board featured a Lumina video in its posting, a multinational pharmaceutical business noticed a surge in the application rate for that position, which went from 12.13% to 28.28%.

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