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THE HAGUE, Netherlands, August 15, 2022 — One of the biggest Japanese venture capital firms specializing in early-stage financing, Incubate Fund, has just concluded a €1.5 million (USD 1.53 million) seed round with Murasaki, a game studio developing decentralized games on the blockchain.

Shunsuke Sasaki, one of the co-founders, is a game creator with a background in serial entrepreneurship and angel investing. After working there for two years, he quit and started the mobile gaming firm Pokelabo Inc. in 2007. For $173.8 million, the Japanese mobile gaming behemoth GREE purchased Pokelabo in 2012. Pokelabo is noted for having created some well-known works, like SINoALICE. Murasaki enlists the assistance of Pokelabo’s core founding team to create a number of video games.

Murasaki will be able to strengthen its dedication to creating the subsequent generation of decentralised, community-powered games thanks to this €1.5 million investment lead by Incubate Fund. Early 2023 we will see the debut of Murasaki’s -Cyberstella, an NFT-focused game with a fresh approach to the play and earn concept. 

What the founder has to say:

CEO and Co-Founder of Murasaki, Shinnosuke Murata, stated:

 “I was drawn to blockchain technology because it enables consensus building without regard to racial or geographic barriers. We launched Murasaki in February 2022.”

This funding round is exciting for us since it will let us improve Cyberstella’s beta version by adding additional features, worlds, quests, and surroundings. Additionally, we intend to create a related title. We are eager for people to experience what it’s like to play a blockchain game.

What the investors have to say:

At the Incubate Fund, Keisuke Wada said: 

“To take on the Game-Fi challenge, we are happy to collaborate with the Murasaki team, founded by two seasoned Japanese businessmen, Mr. Murata and Mr. Sasaki. We anticipate bridging international boundaries and opening up a constantly changing frontier.”

The Netherlands-based company Murasaki, which consists of developers and seasoned businesspeople from Europe and Japan, wants to revolutionise the GameFi industry. With new technologies like the blockchain opening up new opportunities and creating endless revenue opportunities for both players and producers, the gaming industry is currently undergoing a transformation. For those who wish to develop blockchain games in the real Web3 spirit, Murasaki intends to make a future game engine available to them.

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