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round for EtherMail, the first Web 3.0 email solution to set the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication announced that $3 million had been raised. As the business prepares for the Q3 introduction of its encrypted wallet-to-wallet email communication system, which has already attracted thousands of pre-registrations, the investment will be utilized for staff expansion and to quicken solution testing.

Early next year, EtherMail will launch its utility token, $EMT. The ERC-20 token $EMT will be based on the Ethereum network. With the help of this token, email users will be rewarded for their time and attention spent reading unsolicited emails, providing the much-needed basis for email economy. An estimated 320 billion emails are sent daily around the world, which is rising yearly.

EtherMail is committed to rewarding users while also emphasizing end-to-end encryption for data privacy, one of the most urgent problems in contemporary society. The EtherMail team sees the Web 3.0 era as a chance to rebalance the email inbox power equation entirely privacy-centrically. 

CEO and co-founder of EtherMail Shant Kevonian said: 

“This seed round serves as a powerful endorsement of the distinct value proposition of EtherMail and will enable us to present our innovative solution—which can be used by any user and any mail client—to a broad range of businesses operating in the developing blockchain market. We are building a strong communication link between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, and we’ve already drawn attention of leading platforms looking to explore partnership synergies. Observe this space.”

Co-founder of EtherMail Gerald Heydenreich said:

 “It is quite challenging for projects to keep in touch with the owners of their assets directly given how frequently holders trade their crypto and NFTs. We are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to wallet-to-wallet communication. We are also developing a category-leading solution that will entirely reimagine email for the Web 3.0 era, making it user-centric, safe, and anonymous.”

Associate at Fabric Ventures Julien Thevenard stated: 

“The centralized communication channels used by Web3 applications and communities, such as Discord and Telegram, are regrettably still vulnerable to exploits and phishing attacks. By utilizing blockchain security to authenticate the sender, EtherMail’s goal to become the Web3 native email can solve the phishing problem. We share this ambition and are pleased to be working with the team to create the most useful communication tool for all Web3 users.”

More about the startup:

EtherMail is the only solution in the Web 3.0 sector that enables web3 enterprises to send rich, relevant material directly to their asset holders based on blockchain-synced real-time information. It was founded by serial entrepreneurs Shant Kevonian and Gerald Heydenreich in late 2021. The technology enables self-updating mailing lists for community newsletter distribution based on current intelligent contract data and assists businesses in proactively mitigating the risk of communication fraud by alerting users in advance of breaches and vulnerabilities.

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