CHINA, 8 AUGUST 2022 – GL Ventures and Matrix Partners, joined Sequoia China in leading the 100 million yuan (USD 14.82 million) round B financing for Carbonstop, China’s first provider of carbon emissions management software and consultancy solutions. The development of carbon management software products, as well as the growth of the consulting, marketing, and commercial teams, will be supported by this financing.

Since its founding in 2011, Carbonstop has operated under the guiding principle that “There is no management without reasonable quantification,” adhering to science, technology, data, and products as the driving forces and encouraging businesses and institutions across a range of industries to perform carbon emission management, emission reduction, and ultimately move towards carbon neutrality.

Carbonstop has had remarkable growth over the last five years, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 100%. Under the simultaneous pressures of COVID-19 and a challenging capital climate in the first half of 2022, Carbonstop’s sales increased by about 300 percent year over year, demonstrating the company’s resilience.

A strong barrier has been placed in front of Carbonstop by more than ten years of brand development, ten years of perfecting the largest database of carbon emission factors in the world, thousands of top customer best practices, industry-leading carbon management SaaS products, and the carbon neutrality methodology “CREOS.”

Since adopting the motto “let every product reveal its carbon footprint” eleven years ago, Carbonstop has never ceased innovating in the field of carbon management technology.

Regarding products, Carbonstop first released the newest attempt at digitalizing carbon management with its carbon management software CAMP, and then it removed the SaaS carbon management platform “Ccloud.”

As the first all-in-one platform for carbon management in China, Ccloud offers several useful functional modules, including carbon asset management, carbon accounting, carbon asset management for products, carbon intelligence, carbon account, and online carbon neutralization service. Ccloud’s goal is to measure, visualize, and generate value and impacts for carbon everywhere.

Additionally, Carbonstop created the world’s largest Carbon Emission Factor database to help different businesses calculate their carbon emissions.

Every product must display its carbon footprint to fulfill Carbonstop’s purpose. In the future, consumers will be able to choose products in malls with carbon labels, which will motivate businesses to make more products with low carbon emissions and offer more low carbon services.

Lu Hui Yan, the founder of Carbonstop, emphasized:

“We are devoted to driving 1 to 2 billion people to decrease carbon emissions and reducing 1 to 10 billion tonnes of carbon emissions in the future”.

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