MasterSchool, an Israeli business addressing the global scarcity of computer talent, revealed on May 18, 2022 that it had raised US $100 million in a venture round led by Group 11.

MasterSchool will use the current round of funding, which includes Target Global, Pitango Ventures, Dynamic Loop Capital, Sir Ronald Cohen, and others, to grow its network of schools and extend into other nations. By the end of the year, Levi hopes to have 100 schools open, spanning various IT disciplines for thousands of students.

MasterSchools Team

What the founder has to say:

 Otni Levi, Co-founder and Co-CEO of the company:

“We’re offering an infrastructure for our school leaders that includes a dynamic syllabus system, school support and teachers, as well as various tools that provide visibility into student achievement.

The programme is entirely online. Live lectures, assignments, one-on-one sessions, recorded courses, reviews, the class meets, networking, and self-learning make up a typical week. The timetable is offered ahead of time and is divided between mandatory lectures and self-study sessions and elective sessions.”

 Masterschool Co-founder and Co-CEO Miachel Shurp:

“In the United States alone, there are approximately 1 million available IT jobs. Every institution and bootcamp that addresses the shortfall is making a significant contribution. To be sure, we need many more schools to fill this void. Masterschool comes into play in this situation. We’re establishing a network of career training schools and allowing industry experts to develop and operate their own on our platform. Thousands of career-training schools will open in the next years, allowing millions of students to pursue their dreams.”

About the company:


MasterSchool, a network of expert-driven schools specializing in technical disciplines, was founded in 2019 to address this difficulty.

The company provides a platform for tech inventors, industry experts, and digital organizations to start their online school. They can use the platform to teach and guide students using a curriculum that prepares them for careers in high-demand technology fields.

Though many other companies offer online programs to sharpen digital abilities, the typical work strategy is to provide a specialized course (such as becoming a data analyst) from an institute/university. Multiple experts can join up to teach the same specialization at MasterSchool. They can enroll a group of people and then begin sharing their trade secrets and related professional and technical abilities.

MasterSchool offers learners not just hands-on training from industry experts but also simultaneous and follow-up support to help them get their dream career. The organization updates its curriculum regularly to match industry changes and demands, and it also offers a 12-week career accelerator that includes CV drafting workshops, interview simulations, 1:1 career coaching, and active opportunity sourcing for learners.

The tuition fee is US $15,000. However, the payment is delayed until the student is working with a US $30,000 annual salary or more excellent. It’s known as the mutual success’ model at MasterSchool.

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