Upflowy, a Sydney-based startup in Australia, raised USD 4 million in funding on February 21, 2022. The grant was led by Counterpart Ventures, a San Francisco based VC firm. Tidal, Global Founders Capital, Black Nova and Antler were among the pre-seed investors. Upflowy is a drag and drop tool to optimize personalized web experiences via its no-code solution.

The purpose of funding-

They intend to enhance their performing capabilities by leveraging data sciences areas. Upflowy shall also see a surge in employees. At present, they have 30 full-time employees.

The funds will also be used to develop additional features. They seek to garner more customer support. Improving communications, support and interactions with current and potential customers will go a long way to serve this purpose. The firm will expand in Australia and the U.S. The expansion is necessary to cater for their growing customer base.

What Upflowy has to say-

“The Australian tech scene is driving innovation globally — Upflowy was born out of this growing market of talent. We are already active and tested on a global stage to provide the validation of our platform. A signup flow is often the first interaction a prospective customer has with a business, and we are the first to make it easy to create and take them live — improving the flow of information and ultimately ensuring prospects can be moved through the funnel in a smarter way,” said Guillaume Ang, Co-founder and CEO, Upflowy.

What the Counterpart Ventures have to say-

Patrick Eggen, Co-founder and General Partner at Counterpart Ventures, said: “Modern organizations need simple, no-code solutions that remove the friction between data collection and customer experience. The market is full of clunky solutions that rely on engineers to create web experiences, which inhibits testing and improvement. Upflowy is in the unique position to re-envision this market, enabling teams to create the web experiences that consumers need and demand. We are thrilled to partner with Guillaume Ang and his team at Upflowy in the early innings of their journey.”

About the company

Guillaume Ang, Matthew Browne and Alexandre Girard created Upflowy in 2020. They seek to empower people who want to create signup and onboarding flows. Besides, they help organizations optimize sales lead to improve conversion rates. 

Upflowy is a drag and drop tool that builds web optimization solutions. It efficiently performs A/B test signup experiences, sales lead funnels and customer onboarding.

The company’s growth strategy focuses on – team growth, product enhancements and bolstering customer support.

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