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Indian Cultural Ministry has decided to establish a startup community for Vision India@2047 on Feb 16, 2022. The Central Government’s Vision India’47 will mark 100 years of Independence for the nation. In accordance with the Cultural Ministry, the startup community shall prepare a layout of requirements, growth, and development of the country.

Execution of Start-up community via OTT Platforms

The initial discussion required the ministry to work with various OTT Platforms. The aim is to develop a program similar to Shark Tank, India. Shark Tank, India was a business reality show aired on Sony TV, which gained humongous popularity and ratings. Hence the plan is to exhibit the idea of “future-ready India” in 2047. The OTT platforms will help to understand the requirements of the said vision. Moreover, this program is inclusive of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsava (a commemoration of India’s 75 years of Independence).

What the officials have to say about Vision India@2047

The program shall include industry partners who are excited to work for Vision India’47.

An official member stated, “These are people (startups) who are the most innovative, so the plan is to know how they want to see India in 2047. Tie up with OTT platforms is to bring them together and get their ideas. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has, in fact, agreed to do a programme with industry people. They will not be charging a single penny. All 10 lakh industry partners will join. They are doing a huge series of conferences to discuss India@2047.”

Postcards to induce ideas for start-ups

To draw the road map for the initiative, the Central Government has delegated the task to 10 Sectoral Group of Secretaries (SGoS). The Vision India@2047 would also include suggestions and ideas from school-going children. Prime Minister Narendra Modi received around 1.3 postcards from the students. Seventy-five thousand schools from all over the country and abroad participated in the campaign. An artificial intelligence program would scan the postcards. Department of Posts and cultural ministry, along with the department of school and literacy of the education ministry, joined hands to put in collaborative efforts.

“This is the right time to visualize the India of 2047. Around 40-45 lakh postcards are the ideas of children in India@2047. How do they want to see the country in the next 25 years? Some of the responses are surprising. They are not just in thin air. Once we have ideas with us, we will reveal what entrepreneurs and children want in the country,” revealed the official to the media.

About the Vision India@2047

The Vision India 2047 is the ambitious plan of the Central Government to commemorate India’s 100 years of Independence. The vision is to develop an action plan for future-ready India in 25 years. The program prioritises New Age Agriculture, Future-ready cities, leverages the soft power of the nation, and promotes Indian Global companies. The SGoS’s task is to identify achievable targets within the decade. Furthermore, time-bound periods and specific milestones are to be mentioned, which will serve as “foundations of future growth.”

The roadmap to fulfil the Vision India’47 plan will be finalized by May 2022.

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