Clever Harvey, a Mumbai, Maharashtra-based edtech startup and B2C vertical of edtech company Callido Learning, has secured a fundraise of US$ 1.5 million in Pre-series A funding round held on September 9 2021. TechNova Ventures led the financing round with Tom Varkey and Multiply Ventures, including the company’s subsisting backer, Education Catalyst Fund. 

Fund Utilisation

With the fresh capital, the company plans to expand its product portfolio, essential onboard talent. It intends to strengthen its marketing outreach and build distribution channels within India and beyond.

What the CEO has to say

Sriram Subramanian: Founder and CEO of Clever Harvey

Founder and Chief Executive of Clever Harvey, Sriram Subramanian, said, “We are making “career discovery” easier by giving teenagers a ‘behind-the-scenes’ exposure of various industry roles through short, immersive, and fun cohort-based programs. Students meet online in small groups of ten, with focused teacher/facilitator interaction and collaborate with peers from across the country to solve live case studies. Our programs guide teenagers in making academic and career choices that are better aligned with their interests and passion.”

What the Investor has to say

Founder at Multiply Ventures, Raveen Sastry, remarked, “Digitisation and new tech are creating new opportunities and career streams. Clever Harvey’s vision is to bridge the gap between academics and the real world. Their programs help students develop essential skills for success, like critical thinking, decision-making, planning, and an entrepreneurial mindset. This resonated well with our fund’s Edtech thesis.”

Founder of TechNova Ventures and joint managing director of the TechNova Group, Sheena Parikh, said, “We are excited to partner with Clever Harvey as they offer a truly unique proposition in the EdTech ecosystem. They are tapping into a blue ocean with high-quality, differentiated, value-added products. The Junior MBA programs have received tremendous response, and we are very optimistic about future growth.”

About Clever Harvey

Founded in 2020 by Sriram Subramanian, Clever Harvey’s programs are designed for teenagers to explore different career options and build creativity, confidence, and business acumen. They are operating with the vision of helping students bridge the gap between academics and the 21st Century workplace. Offering courses that are ‘Junior MBA’ case studies in business strategy, marketing, technology, data analysis, UX design, and social media allow students to test-drive options for future career paths. Having partnered with big brands like Puma, Samsung, and more, Clever Harvey provides students with company-certified projects. For more information, check out

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