RentCheck, the world’s first vision-based, automated property inspection platform that operates with an easy-to-use mobile app to bring all move-in and move-out inspections into one place, has secured a combined fundraise of US$ 3.6 million in Pre-seed funding round, held on, August 9 2021. The financing round saw a bunch of investors partook like the founding father of TPG Capital, ex-CFO of Yahoo John Kuolt, Jim Coulter, which is RentCheck one of the initial backers, Techstars, Irongrey, Context Ventures, Cox Enterprises, Ken Goldman and Mark Zalesk from BCG Digital Ventures and Attentive founder Brian Long.

Fund Utilisation

The latest venture will allow the company to transform and expand the first tenant-led inquiry platform to attend to one of the biggest quarrels in the property management industry into its next phase with an aim to put its emerging technology straight into the hands of more companies in the market and tenants nationwide.

what the CEO has to say

Co-Founder and CEO of RentCheck, Marco Nelson, comments on the latest capital, “In the future, we believe that transparency will be the key to renting. Property managers and landlords will need to treat their relationships with tenants as a partnership, something that, in the past, hasn’t been the case. RentCheck is bringing tenants, property owners, and managers together on a single platform that’s built on trust, and it’s proving to be a better, smoother, and more efficient experience.”

What the Investors have to say

Former Managing Director at BCG Digital Ventures, John Kuolt, said, “What we love about RentCheck is that it’s using very clever technology to automate and solve arguably the industry’s biggest problem in terms of money and time for both property managers and tenants. The deposit deduction issue needs a technology-based solution, and almost everyone, at some time, has felt like they’ve been screwed over on their deposit by a landlord. When you see and use RentCheck’s solution, it makes you think: ‘Why didn’t I think of this?’”

“Post-COVID, digital enablement is a top-three goal for most multi-family executives. It is critical for driving operational efficiencies and improving the resident journey. RentCheck supports both of those top objectives for owners and residents. That’s really empowering,” said Vickie Rodgers, Vice President of Cox Communities at Cox Enterprises, Inc.

About RentCheck

Founded in 2019 by Lydia Winkler and Marco Nelson, RentCheck is the primary nationwide provider of clarity and security, allowing landlords and residents alike to attain serenity cohesively. They provide their users with an app that saves money, time and limits grief by regulating move-in and move-out inspections and streamlining the security deposit deduction method. RentCheck solutions authorise residents to emulate owners in order to maximise the return of their security deposits. For more information, check out

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