3.August.2021 – New Castle-based MGA Thermal, announced that it raised AUD 8 Million (USD 5.9 Million in a funding round. The round was led by Main Sequence, a venture firm initiated by Australia’s national science agency, and participated by The Melt; Alberts Impact Capital, Climate Capital Fund from New Zealand; and CP Ventures. 

Few angel investors also took part in this round like Glenn Butcher, Emlyn Scott, and Chris Sang.

Main Sequence partner Martin Duursma said, “A core focus of our new fund is uncovering the scientific discoveries, and helping to turn them into real, tangible technologies so we can reverse our climate impact. Erich Kisi and Alexander Post’s impressive deep research backgrounds, their expert team and innovative technology are paving the way for grid-scale energy storage and boosting the capability of a renewable energy future globally.” in a statement. 

About MGA Thermal – 

MGA Thermal is an Australian startup initiated in Jan 2019, it intends to aid utility firms from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources having thermal energy storage blocks with a size of a shoebox. 

It was founded by Erich Kisi and Alexander Post, after researching and developing for decades, for the miscibility gap alloy technology. MGA Thermal’s blocks “essentially comprise metal particles that melt when heated embedded in an inert matrix material. Think of a block as being like a choc-chip muffin heated in a microwave. The muffin consists of a cake component, which holds everything in shape when heated, and the choc chips, which melt,”, Erich explained the working of MGA Thermal.

“The energy that goes into melting the choc chips is stored and can burn your mouth when you bite into the muffin. Melting energy is more intense than merely heating something up and that melting energy is concentrated near the melting temperature so energy can be released in a consistent way,” he added.

The MGA Thermal block will store the energy that can be utilized to heat water to power generators and turbines. Thermal blocks let ageing thermal power plants run on renewable energy that would be turned off in the situation of overheating.

“Another method for energy solution consists of heating low-cost solid substances in granules or blocks in an insulated container at a high temperature. Another way to store thermal energy involves salts (molten) that are heated by the source of energy which is renewable and stored in a hot tank.  

These systems are widely used in concentrating solar thermal energy but have found little use elsewhere. That’s mostly because there is a large infrastructure cost for piping pumps and heaters, and a large amount of power is wasted keeping the salt from freezing.” – Erich Kisi. 

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