Headquartered in New York, Landis is a fintech startup that helps renters become homeowners, it has raised US$ 165 million in debt and Series A equity financing round led by Sequoia Capital. The funding round also witnessed the participation of Will Smith’s Dreamers VC, Arrive, a Roc Nation company and existing investment backers of the NY firm Signia Venture Partners. This newest funding brings Landis’s total valuation to US$ 182 million, the startup announced in a press release on July 27. 2021.

Fund Utilisation

To democratise access to homeownership and make it financially feasible to a much larger population, the US-based startup has allowed iPhone users to access its free Landis Homeownership Coach mobile app. The app offers a dashboard view of the precise aims the users must reach to get a mortgage credit and data information about debt and down payments and advises on steps needed to help the potential homeowners. 

What the CEO has to say

“What makes Landis unique is our ability to coach anyone to homeownership. This new funding will allow us to help more Americans on their path to homeownership by expanding to new states, hiring talent nationwide and providing a better experience to our clients and partner agents and lenders,” says Berdugo.

“We understand that people can fall on tough times, but no one should be locked out of homeownership forever. Whatever their situation, we give our clients easy, achievable steps to become eligible for a mortgage. Getting ready for a mortgage is often a stressful and difficult process. Landis makes it easy, fun and approachable,” says Petit.

What the Investors have to say

Partner at Sequoia, Roelof Botha, said, “Landis helps families take their first steps towards homeownership. By focusing on financial literacy and individualised coaching, Landis allows everyone to own their home. Landis’ technology is particularly relevant to those with low-to-moderate income whom traditional financial solutions have neglected. We are proud to partner with the Landis team as they increase financial inclusion and equality in America.”

 Co-founder of Dreamers VC, Will Smith, remarked, “We are proud to have invested in Landis. Landis is an innovative company that also has a social mission we are aligned with. We are excited to be part of a journey that helps Americans achieve homeownership through financial education.”

Co-founder and President of Arrive, Roc Nation’s venture investment arm, Neil Sirni, comments on the latest investment: “We believe that Landis is determined to build a company that consumers can trust. Our investment demonstrates our commitment to supporting Landis on their mission to make the path to homeownership more accessible, transparent and empowering.”

About Landis

Founded in 2018 by Cyril Berdugo and Tom Petit. Landis uses technology and data science to help renters reach

homeownership. It enables their clients to choose their dream house, rent it and purchase it anytime in the initial year. 

They assist customers to build up their credit and down payment. Along with specialising in commercial, real estate technology, and residential, Landia also equips customers with an easy-to-process and straightforward procedure to acquire their services and allows them to transition seamlessly from renters to owners. For more information, check out: https://www.landis.com/

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