The US-based Cabana, a traveltech startup reinventing how modern travellers get out and explore through its luxe mobile hotel experience, has raised US$ 10 million in a Series A funding round led by Craft Ventures and Goldcrest Capital on 22 June 2021.

Investors: The round was co-led by Craft Ventures and Goldcrest Capital, along with the involvement from Launch, Castor Ventures, Gaingels, Nordic Eye, and other strategic angels and syndicates.

Purpose of the funding: The company plans to deploy the funds to build its technology platform, continue improving its vehicle design, and diversify to a four-passenger van from the current model.

About Cabana

Cabana Logo

Founded by Scott Kubly in 2019, Cabana provides exceptional service to customers through opulence and the scope of mobility. The company has created a number of deluxe and customized hotel rooms to offer customers the flexibility to journey and rest where and whenever they wish. With the help of technology, Cabana provides additional benefits to its guests, such as digital convenience, contactless booking, check-in, and check-out. It has diversified its operation from Seattle to Los Angeles, expanding its vehicle capacity to 35 vans. It has a staff of more than 15 personnel to support operations.

What the Founder has to say: “The proceeds from the new investment round will aid us to expand and modify the Cabana platform, concentrate on constructing hardware, software, and infrastructure surpassing our past creations. A big reason for entering the market during the pandemic was the rise of popularity of non-traditional travel, offering a concrete base to our company to build from. It also gave a chance to experiment with certain aspects and get insights from our travellers – all extremely valuable to us as a startup – and are envisaging to expand the Cabana experience.”- Scott Kubly, Founder and CEO of Cabana.

What the Investors have to say: “Cabana’s growth during the pandemic proves the increasing consumer shift away from traditional modes of travel. We are eager to see Cabana grow and enter new markets and improve its fleet of high-end, economical mobile hotels.”- David Sacks, Co-founder and General Partner of Craft Ventures. “Cabana’s accelerating growth is anchored by a rocketing demand for its unique and cost-effective product. It evoked my memories of Uber when it gained popularity and people couldn’t stop themselves from talking about their amazing experience with it.”- Jason Calacanis, Founder of Launch. – Jason Calacanis, Founder of Launch. 

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