Singapore is famous for its world-class health and medical services. The country’s healthcare has been set as an example for other countries to follow. The healthcare sector is growing at an impressive rate in the country, the growth of Healthtech startups has been increasing, and new products in this sector have been developing for the public to access them.

The top 10 Heathtech startups in Singapore are- 

  1. Homage 

Founders: Gillian Tee, Lily Phang, Nhat Duong Tong
Founding year: 2014
Headquarters: Singapore
Funding received:
USD 15.4 million
Infocom, Alternate Ventures, EV Growth, KDVCapital, HealthXCapital, Golden Gate Ventures, Seed Plus

Homage is an award-winning personal care application for seniors that uses the latest smart technology to help and serve those who have mobility and medical conditions like Parkinson’s and Dementia. A doctor can be consulted 24*7 through this app to have any medical advice online, stay in touch with the medical professional and get real-time information about the care given to a patient. The family members can even know who visited their senior, the duration of the visit, and what activities were done. Other services which the app offers are- personal care, nursing care, medical care, and rehabilitation therapy services.

  1. Plano

Founders: Professor Mohamed Dirani
Founding year: 2017
Headquarter: Singapore
Funding received: Not Disclosed
Investors: Peter Lim

Plano was launched by the Singapore Eye Research Institute and National Health Innovation Centre with the help of the Singapore National Eye Centre. The goal of this organization is to create a safe and healthy solution to improve eye health. Plano seeks to address myopia, which is a major public health challenge affecting an estimated 2 billion people today and will affect a projected 5 billion by 2050. Plano aims to save sight and empower lives. It promotes the use of innovative technology to provide a solution to help mitigate the public health, societal and economic issues posed by excessive device usage. It provides features like eye break reminders, app locking, low light detection, and a reward system that encourages users to maintain healthy eyesight practices. 

  1. Engine Biosciences 

Founders: Jeffrey Lu
Founding year: 2014
Headquarter: Singapore
Funding received:
USD 10 million
6 Dimensions Capital, Baidu Ventures, DHVC, EDBI, Nest.Bio Ventures 

Engine Biosciences Company is a network biomedicine platform that maps and deciphers complex biological networks for more effective and efficient drug discovery. The company’s platform integrates experimental biology, data science, computational AI and experimental technologies, enabling researchers to get an efficient big data approach to map disease-relevant genetic interaction networks for ultra-high-throughout combinatorial drug discovery and optimization of cell therapies for curing complex diseases. It has its offices both in San Francisco and Singapore. 

  1. DocDoc

Founders: Cole Sirucek, Dawn Soo, Grace Park
Founding year: 2012
Headquarter: Singapore
Funding received:
USD 24.6 million
Investors: Bells Ventures, Cyberport Hong Kong Micro Fund, Apis Partners, Hong Leong Financial, Jade Road Investments

DocDoc is a developer of an AI-based healthcare platform designed to empower patients with the information they need to make healthcare decisions. The company’s platform focuses on doctor discovery, telemedicine, and cashless services and enhances the end-to-end healthcare journey, enabling patients to optimize healthcare outcomes and costs. It has a patient-centric philosophy; thus it works for the benefit of the patient. Users simply need to enter their medical concern and location on the app, and it will be connected to DocDoc’s medical concierge, which will then leverage DocDoc’s AI platform to match the user to the right doctor based on their unique medical needs and help them book an appointment with the doctor.

  1. ASLAN Pharmaceuticals

Founders: Carl Firth
Founding year: 2010
Headquarter: Singapore
Funding received: USD 167 million
Investors: not disclosed

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a clinical-stage immunology and oncology-focused biopharmaceutical company. It is engaged in developing treatments to transform the lives of patients. The company has a clinical portfolio comprised of a first-in-class monoclonal therapy, ASLAN004, that is being developed in atopic dermatitis and other immunology indications and a small molecule inhibitor targeting oncology that targets specific cancerous tumours providing life-transforming treatments for patients. 

  1. TheAsianParent 

Founders: Roshni Mahatani
Founding year: 2009
Headquarter: Singapore
Funding received: USD 17 million
Investors: ATM Cpaital Partners, Fosun International,, SCB 10X, Mirae Asset Global Investments.

The AsianParent is an operator of an online content and community platform designed to encourage parenting. The company’s platform provides accurate, comprehensive, relevant content, a non-judgmental support network, top-quality products, and parenting guidance and tips, enabling young parents and mothers to practice good parenting. The expecting mothers are able to track their pregnancy progress, interact with other parents in a community, create baby photo albums and learn about their nutritional needs. It is a family-friendly app that also hands out gifts and giveaways to make pregnancy more exciting and encouraging for new parents.

  1. Ucare.AI

Founders: Christina Teo, Neal Lui
Founding year: 2016
Headquarter: Singapore
Funding received: USD 6.17 million
Investors: Great Eastern Holdings, Peter Lim, Walden International, WrongPartnership

Ucare.AI is an artificial intelligence-based platform that aims to utilize the healthcare resources at their best and reduce healthcare costs across the industry. It uses AI to predict diseases through a predictive engine that prioritizes healthcare resources and reduces preventable hospitalizations.

  1. AEvice Health

Founders: Edmund Shao, Adrian Ang, Ser Wee
Founding year: 2016
Headquarter: Singapore
Funding received:
USD 6.17 million
NTUtive, Singapore Government, Dubai 100 Accelerator, Leslie Loh

AEvice Health provides a respiratory wellness device for asthmatic patients. The company’s device records important and relevant historical data regarding respiratory symptoms and medication intake, enabling patients to access their device for faster diagnosis and improved results. It provides asthmatic monitors called Bioasthma for patients struggling with asthma. Bioasthma can be attached to children’s chests which will then send signals via Bluetooth to be processed by the monitor. Once the data has been processed, it will then generate reports and insights on children’s heart and respiratory rates. The information will then be transferred to an app for parents and doctors to monitor and advise on.

  1. Docquity

Founders: Indranil Roychowdhury, Amit Vithal
Founding year: 2015
Headquarter: Singapore
Funding received: USD 12.2 million
Investors: Itochu, Takeshi Hirao, Convergence Ventures, Keane D’Souza Venture Capital, SPH Ventures

Docquity is a professional network platform for doctors designed to solve real-world clinical problems. The platform offers real-world medical experiences and clinical cases privately and securely with trusted peers, accredited CME/CPD/SKP credits from leading medical associations and institutions, enabling verified doctors to securely and privately discuss clinical cases and experiences with their peers. Since Docquity is invitation only, doctors require a unique invitation code to create an account. It provides an online community for doctors to share case studies, experiences and receive mentorship from other doctors. The app also provides live webinars, panel discussions and allows doctors to read original articles written by other doctors in Asia.

  1. AWAK

CEO: Suresha Venkataraya
Founding year: 2007
Headquarter: Singapore
Funding received:
USD 57.2 million
Advanced MedTech Holdings, Enterprise Singapore, Vickers Ventures Partners, Accuron Technologies

AWAK provides a portable and miniaturized dialysis system designed to offer treatment for renal diseases. The company’s system uses sorbent technology which regenerates and reconstitutes used dialysis fluid into fresh fluid and provides the necessary clearances of the uremic toxins, enabling physicians to enhance the lives of dialysis patients. It is the first startup in Singapore to develop a portable dialysis device. After noticing how patients struggling with acute renal or chronic renal failure are unable to travel freely due to being bound to a dialysis machine, AWAK developed a portable dialysis device to give patients the ability to carry it around and use it at home, without the need to stay in a hospital bed all day.

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