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Chef robotics raises USD 7.7 million in a combined pre-seed and seed round

San-Fransisco based Chef Robotics announced today, May (14 May 2021), that it raised USD 7.7 million in a combined Pre-seed and seed funding round. There were a lot of investors that took part in this round because the seed and pre-seed were rolled up. The name of the leading investors are Promus Ventures, Construct, Bloomberg Beta, BOLD Capital Partners, Red and Blue Ventures, Tau Ventures, Schox VC, Stewart Alsop, with some other investors.

 The startup is intended to automate the kitchen with technology and artificial intelligence.

About the investors – 

Red and Blue Ventures – 

Red and Blue Ventures is a venture capital / private equity firm that focuses on seed and early stages. It was founded and established by Brett Topche, David Bell, and Michael Aronson in 2016. 

The firm has made 11 investments so far, and Chef Robotics and MD ally are the most recent ones. 

Bold Capital Partners – 

Bold Capital is a venture capital firm in its early stages, and it focuses on investing in life science, healthcare and frontier tech companies. It was founded and established in 2015 by Teymour Boutros-Ghali, having its headquarters in Los Angeles, Western US. 

Till now, the company has made 60 investments in which some of the successful investments are Bionaut labs, Mighty Building, Crowdz, Eleven and including the latest Chef robotics.

Promus Ventures

Promus Ventures is a VC firm that intends to invest in a company with profound technical aspects like software and hardware. The company runs by a team of tenacious and visionaries.

It was founded in 2012 by Mike Collett, having its headquarters in Great Lakes, Chicago, US.

Tau Ventures

Tau Ventures is a VC firm that focuses on investing in companies that deal with drones, robotics, car automation and digital health. It was founded and established in 2019 by Amit Garg and Sanjay Rao. 

About the company – 

Chef Robotics was founded by Rajat Bhageria in January  2019. It is based in San Francisco, Western US. The company intends to focus on automating the kitchen with AI and modern technology and reduce the cost of fresh food made.

Rajat came to this idea because there was a lack of workers who wanted to work in food services at the wages that are being offered. He believes that robots are the best solution for this problem.

“Chef is designed to mimic the flexibility of humans, allowing customers to handle thousands of different kinds of food using minimal hardware changes. The Chef does this using artificial intelligence that can learn how to handle more and more ingredients over time, and that also improves. This allows customers to do things like changing their menu often. Additionally, Chef’s modular architecture allows customers to quickly scale up just as they would be hiring more staff (but unlike humans, Chef always shows up on time and doesn’t need breaks).”  – CEO, Chef Robotics.

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