Toronto based startup Heirlume announced that they raised USD 1.38 Million in the funding round on 1st May 2021. The investor in this round was Fastbreak Ventures. The company focuses on removing the hindrance of the machine-powered trademark that people face while registering on platforms. 

The CEO of Heirlume said that there is an absence of awareness about how to trademark and register. For example, many entrepreneurs starting first look for a domain name, and some look over significant sums to list these domains. However, they do not understand that it is essentially a lease, and if you do not have the trademark to claim and protect that domain, the original trademark owner can impede you in the middle. If entrepreneurs realize that a trademark is the first thing they need to take care of, the chances of odds are less.

“When it comes to brand safety for business people, it is a vast and dangerous barrier, and that’s not fair” – He added.

About Investor:

Fastbreak Ventures aims to aid startups in the first institutional round. They focus on investing in founders who are capable to build highly scalable software platforms. Some of the successful companies they invested in are Flybits, Swift, Leveljump, and Sampler.

About the company:

Heirlume was founded on 11th October 2019 by Julie MacDonell and Sarah Ruest.; it was formerly known as Trademark DIY. The company aims to bring ease to the complex process of having a trademark by making it more accurate, affordable and fast. 

In this span of time, the company has raised funds from three rounds. The previous fundraised amount was USD 24k, USD 130K and the last seed fund round amount is not yet disclosed.

Words from the founder: 

“I’m a senior-level IP lawyer focused in trademarks and had practised in a traditional model, a boutique firm of my own for over a decade serving big clients and small clients. So providing big multinationals with a lot of brand strategy and in-house legal, mainly serving small business clients when dealing with a cease-and-desist or an infringement issue. It’s those clients who have my heart: It’s challenging to have a small business owner crying tears on the phone with you because they just lost their brand or their business overnight. And there was nothing I could do to help because the law just wasn’t on their side. After all, they had neglected to register their trademarks to own them.” – Julie MacDonell CEO Heirlume.

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