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No-code visual storytelling platform Shorthand raises AU$ 10 million

Shorthand, a Brisbane based no-code publishing platform, announced on 10th April 2021 that it has raised AU$ 10 million in a private equity round. The round was led by Fortitude Investment Partners.

Investors: Fortitude Investment Partners is a Brisbane based private equity firm that provides expertise, capital and resources to growth companies in Australia and New Zealand. It actively looks for investing opportunities in startups having a track record of growth and demonstrated competitive advantage. Its current portfolio includes companies such as Aquila, Birch & Waite, Gm Hotels, Origo Education and more.

Purpose of investments: During the pandemic Shorthand was fortunate enough to witness a rise in demand for its product, with the Q4 (2020) usage increasing 4 times compared to the previous quarter. Shorthand will seek to continue on that track by increasing its focus on building brand awareness and acquiring new customers. It is also posited to utilise the funds to further develop its product.

Logo of shorthand

About Shorthand: 

Shorthand was founded in the year 2013 to enable organisations to publish online and build their online brand without having to be well versed in coding. It enables brands, universities, nonprofits and others to create truly engaging content that the audience cannot ignore. Its service can be seen as “scrollytelling” – a method of sharing stories with added visual effects that appear as the reader scrolls down through the page.  

Shorthand already has notable clients including BBC, the University of Cambridge, Peloton and more, using its platform to publish their stories. With the injection of the current round funds, the number of users will hopefully grow even more.

What the CEO has to say:

“We’ve been lucky enough to grow to where we are today through an entirely inbound, organic model that leverages the beautiful content that our customers create in Shorthand to generate leads. But we’ve been testing other channels with some success and the time is right to ramp up those marketing initiatives.”—Ricky Robinson, CEO of Shorthand.

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