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California based startup Holberton raises USD 20 Million


San Francisco based start-up Holberton has secured USD 20 million funds on 25th of March, 2021 in series B round led by Redpoint Ventures.

Investors: The acquisition of USD 20 million funds took place in the series B funding round led by Redpoint Ventures along with the involvement of previous investors like Trinity Ventures, Reach Capital and Imaginable Futures

What the funding is for: The fresh funding would be utilized for the expansion of the company’s reach all over the world. Also, according to sources, the organization is also aiming to become an EdTech SaaS company.

About the company: Holberton is an educational institution type held organization which operates under the computer software industry. They have a work strength of around 201-500 employees and its headquarters is established in California. They also deal with various specialties like education, software engineering and full stack development. 

What the CEO has to say: “Raising funds is helping us support and accelerate our vision of creating this OS of education. Many educational entities need help and trolls to better support their students and their staff. It is now that they need our help, again COVID has accelerated the digital transformation and clearly there are a lot of gaps that need to be filled. We are now a SaaS company which offers other businesses, universities or nonprofits to use their tools and contents so that they can run their educational training programs at scale with a better experience while increasing the quality of education.” — Rudy Rigot, Co-founder of Holberton. 

“For the first time since our creation we have started working with universities to help them create a better experience and add hands on experience on top of their traditional methodology. Everyone is happy, schools, students and teachers because they prefer to focus on teaching and not spend too much time on correcting projects. We expect to see 5,000 students join this year up from 500 in 2019 and see the network expand in with new schools in the U.S., Europe and Africa.” — Julein Barbier, Co-founder of Holberton. 
What the investors have to say: “They have proven successful in breaking down barriers of cost and access while delivering a world class curriculum. With the concept of OS of education as a service they provide customers with all the tools they need for success. Customers can be nonprofit impact investors who want to fill gaps. In how they attach a post COVID learning environment or corporations who want to provide the best training possible as education providers themselves or employee development programs.” — General Manager at Redpoint Ventures.

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