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London based start-up Arbolus raises USD 6 Million


England based start-up Arbolus has secured USD 6 million funds on 24th of March, 2021 in a seed round led by UC Fuel Ventures

Investors: The acquisition of USD 6 million funds took place in the seed funding round led by UC Fuel Ventures along with the involvement from previous investors like Plug and Play Ventures and GLG. 

What the funding is for: The fresh funding would be utilized for the expansion of the company’s global reach all over the world. According to reports the organization is also aiming to develop their infrastructure. 

About the company: Arbolus is a privately held organization which is also known as an expert knowledge platform that helps businesses foster relationships with experts and retain the knowledge gathered through these relationships. The company operates under the information technology and services sector. Its headquarters is established in London, England and has a work strength of around 201-500 employees. They also deal with various specialties like expert network, experience sharing and future of work. 

What the CEO has to say: “Having the right information gives you a competitive edge but the typical means of engaging with experts through one hour calls alone is failing to deliver value. These interviews are usually held by a single department. And their findings end up lost in powerpoint presentations or reports. Therefore, companies are only building up a short-term view. We are bringing innovation the ways companies are working with external experts by using groundbreaking technology to, not just to build expertise within organizations, but deliver it in ways that are digestible, searchable and most importantly usable for the months and years ahead across different departments.” — Sam Glasswell, Co-founder of Arbolus. 

“In Barcelona we have an awesome office, our own space, a great team. It’s certainly a beautiful city and we are able to attract really top talent. I mean people will move from anywhere in the world to go to Barcelona. It’s probably been one of the biggest success factors for us so far. Does the EU factor help? Yes, I mean the fact that being in the EU in the trading block does help and we would just be able to build a much more culturally diverse team in the long run.” — Will Leeming, Co-founder of Arbolus. 

What the investors have to say: “Leveraging a network of experts online started out as a very manual online business. But it’s rapidly becoming more efficient as machine learning is applied to the whole business model. Indeed, in the UK alone USD 60 billion is spent a year on using outside expertise. And we recently saw that proSapient has raised USD 18 million for its SaaS platform for its expertise network.” — CEO of Third Bridge. 

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