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Israel based start-up Noogata raises USD 12 Million

Tel Aviv, Israel based start-up Noogata has raised USD 12 Million on 16th of March, 2021 in a seed funding round led by Skylake and Team8.

Investors: The capitalization of USD 12 Million funds took place in a seed funding round led by Skylake capital and Team8.

What the funding is for: The fresh funding would be utilized to power the company’s product development. According to the sources, the platform is also aiming to expand its industries globally.

About the company: Noogata is a privately held organization that offers design, implement and operate machine learning solutions. Noogata is the radically simple, no – code artificial intelligence (AI) data analytics for the enterprise. The company is also furnishing modular, expandable, single- platform and analytics solutions. They have a work strength of 11- 50 employees.

Founders of the company: Assaf Egozi

Founded Date: January 1, 2019

What the CEO has to say: 

“We believe data teams are at the epicentre of digital transformation and that to drive impact, they need to be able to unlock the value of data. They need access to relevant, continuous and explainable insight and predictions that are reliable and up – to – date.”

“Noogata unlocks the value of data by providing contextual business- focused blocks that integrate seamlessly into enterprise data environments to generate actionable insights, prediction and recommendations. This empowers users to go far beyond traditional business intelligence by leveraging AI in their self-serve analytics as well as in their data solutions.”

“We have obviously seen a plethora of start-ups in this space lately. The proliferation of data and the advent of data warehousing – means that most businesses now have the fuel to create machine learning – based predictions. What’s often lacking, though, is the talent. There’s still a shortage of data scientists and developers who can build these models from scratch, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more start-ups that are creating no- code/ low – code services in this space. The well- funded Abacus.ai, for example, targets about the same market as Noogata.” — Assaf Egozi, CEO of the company.

What the investors have to say:

“Noogata is perfectly positioned to address the significant market need for a best- in- class, no code data analytics platform to drive decision- making,” 

“The innovative platform replaces the need for internal build, which is complex and costly, or the use of out- of- the- box vendor solutions which are limited. The company’s ability to unlock the value of data through AI is a game- changer. Add to that a stellar founding team, and there is no doubt in my mind that Noogata will be enormously successful.” — Yuval Shachar, managing partner of Team8.

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