Disruptel, a St. Louis based AI startup, announced in the second week of March 2021 that it has raised US $ 1.1 million in its seed funding round. The round was led by PJC and Progress Ventures along with participation from angel investors including Bill Simmons, Adam Cheyer, Mike Baker and Andrew Olson.

Investors: PJC is a Boston based venture capital firm that was founded in 2001 with David Martirano, Sean Marsh and Gina Raimondo as the founders. It is an early-stage investor that invests in high potential startups/companies that have the ability to lead the future. A few of its notable investments include Lively, Appcast, Nest, BlockFi, edenHealth, Expensify and more.

Progress Ventures, similarly, is a Boston based investment fund founded in 2008 by Nick Macshane and Sam Thompson. It is also, primarily, an early-stage investor that invests in emerging platforms in media and marketing technology. Its portfolio includes companies like Tenovos, Capture, Massive, IRIS.TV, Blutag, MediaMath and Skyword.

About Disruptel:

Disruptel was founded in October 2017 by Alex Quinn and John Lowrey. Its core product is an artificial intelligence based image and video recognising technology. It seeks to make your TVs smarter with its technology.

The initial idea to come up with Disruptel came when Quinn was in high school and was working on a technology focused on TV gestures. It was then that he realised that he could come up with something better that could actually understand  what was happening on the TV in real-time

Disruptel’s technology, impressively, has a contextual understanding of everything happening on the TV.

For example, you can use voice command to ask it about any product being displayed on the TV or perhaps you can even ask it about any actor/person on the TV.

Purpose of the investment: The investment is posited to be utilised to further develop the product. Besides Quinn mentioned that he is looking forward to negotiating with smart TV manufacturers and streaming services to get his product into the hands of customers.

About Alex Quinn:

Alex Quinn (who is now only 21), as mentioned earlier, came up with the idea of Disruptel when he was in high school. He is a passionate inventor who enjoys applying the latest research in machine learning to come up with exceptional products. He mentions that he had skipped most of his high school working on research papers and his product.

When asked how a high school student came up with such brilliant technology, he said “We had to learn. Our team is very focused on machine learning, and our machine learning engineers were reading research paper after research paper. We think that we have found the best research solutions”

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