Bottomless, an American company with an innovative subscription model for coffeeholics, announced early in March 2021 the closing of its Series A funding round with USD 4.5 million. The company has been backed by San Francisco based accelerator Y Combinator.

Investors: Y combinator is California based accelerator founded in March 2005 by Jessica Livingston, Paul Graham, Robert Morris and Trevor Blackwell. It primarily invests in seed funding rounds of startups and helps them make a great start.

Besides providing funds for a small stake in startups, Y Combinator also helps entrepreneurs in other essential ways. Firstly Y combinator helps founders to better build their idea and pitch it forward into the market. Secondly, it helps founders deal with investors and acquirers. Y Combinator claims that the kind of advice they provide cannot be bought because the people capable of providing such advice are already rich.

About Bottomless: Founded in April 2016 by Liana Herrera and Michael Mayer, Bottomless provides you with an innovative solution to refill your coffee stock before you run out of it.

Here’s how it works:-

Bottomless provides its customers with a digital scale that measures the amount of coffee left in stock with them. The scale is connected to customers’ home internet, and every time a customer is about to run out of coffee Bottomless automatically packs and sends freshly roasted coffee to them. With bottomless a customer will never have to worry about running out of coffee or deal with maintaining stale coffee beans just to prevent running out of it.

Bottomless even provides you with a range of features in its service. For starters it lets you choose the kind of coffee you like, its caffeine level and price. It also lets you select the sensitivity of the scale, letting you choose how much coffee left is the right time to reorder.

With the new round of investment Bottomless plans on introducing a new scale, that is much easier to set up, in the next 3 months and increasing its headcount by hiring more intellectuals.

What the founders have to say:

“As busy young professionals, we found it hard to find the time to shop. We grew especially frustrated with repeatedly buying the same stuff over and over again so we sought to build a better way. That’s when we realized that data on our consumption could enable our favourite sellers to ship us products to arrive at just the right time. In early 2016, we saw that fresh coffee beans would be the perfect product for the distribution system we had always envisioned, and Bottomless was born.”—Liana Herrera and Michael Mayer, founders of Bottomless.

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