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HRTech Start-up Hirio raises €400,000

Kiev, Ukraine based HRTech start-up, Hirio raises € 400,000 in a pre-seed funding round led by Pipedrive unicorn founders on 28th of January 2021. The organization’s main goal with the funding is to claim the idea to modify remote hiring into a non- code platform. 

Investors: Hirio capitalized approximately € 400,000 in the pre-seed funding round led by Pipedrive Unicorn Founders. The process also included the involvement of previous investors like Martin Koiva, Martin Henk and LIFT99 Kyiv Hub. 

What the funding is for: The capital would be utilized to automate high volume hiring processes and enable customized applications flow. Also, they intend to grow aggressively in the global market. They are also aiming to improve and advance their strategies and digital processes further with the support of artificial intelligence. 

Founders of the company: Kostya Miska and Artem Dudinskyi

Primary Objective of the company: The organization’s primary aim is to enable the design of digital processes and automate the applicant funnel for mass recruitment enterprises. 

Founded date: February, 2020

About the company: Hirio is a privately held organization which operates under the information and technology services. The association was established in Kyiv and has a work strength of 11-50 employees. Hirio is basically an all-in-one data driven platform which enables high volume providers to recruit jobs within hours. They have created a comprehensive HR platform to recruit any number of employees for businesses requiring the need to rapidly fill a huge number of vacancies. Hirio also automates core parts of recruitment including coordinating, assessment and screening of ideal candidates with the support of artificial intelligence. 

What the CEO has to say: “Hirio is primarily disrupting the US market of 70 Million low skilled workers, where companies still use excel to streamline their hiring process” Said Artem Dudinskyi, Co- Founder of Hirio. 

“It is extremely sad to see how early-stage Ukrainian start-ups are being undervalued and removed from the investment radars of international angel investors, whereas international expertise is exactly what is needed to have these products take off and conquer the rest of the world”. Said Kostya Miska, Co-founder of Hirio. 

What the investors have to say: “A Kiev based start-up hub has acted as a fund-raising facilitator for Hirio’s round. LIFT99 wants to bring global venture capital and is starting to use its network to make funding connections with local start-ups”. Said by Nellis, Co-founder of LIFT99. 

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