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French Start-up Chef club raises USD 17 Million

Chef club, a Paris based start-up secures USD 17 million funding round led by First Bridge Ventures also involving the participation of previous investors like Korelya Capital, SEB Alliance, Algae Ventures and Group SEB. They are aiming to expand its food media brand beyond social networks. 

Investors: The start-up has acquired a capital of USD 17 million led by First Bridge Ventures involving other participants like SEB Alliance, Group SEB and others. The organization has been building a major media brand on social media platforms.

What the funding is for: The funding would be utilized to display its brands in stores with the support of partnerships. They are planning to enter a new market related to the consumer-packaged goods. Also, the capital acquired would be utilized for further expansion in the global arena. 

Founders of the company: Axel Lang, Jonathan Lang and Thomas Lang

Primary Objective of the company: The main aim of the enterprise is to telecast cooking recipes and products for children and empower them to be more productive related to the topic. 

Founded date: February 1, 2016

About the company: Chef club is a privately held organization functioning under the internet services sector. Chef club is basically a cooking channel which shows cooking videos through the internet and television. The enterprise is a multicultural team of talent from all around the world with interest in cooking. They have a huge top of a funnel with more than 100 million followers on snapchat, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Overall, they generate approximately 1 billion views per month. 

What the CEO has to say: “With over 1B organic views and 85 million followers across the world, Chef club has successfully taken advantage of social media platforms to introduce and continuously strengthen our brand in front of the largest possible audience, all while transforming viewers into shoppers”. Said Axel Lang, Co-founder of Chef club. 

“More recently the start-up has launched cooking videos for kids with colourful measuring cups, cooking accessories and easy to understand recipes. More than 150,000 people have brought a product for their children”. Said Thomas Lang, Co-founder of Chef club. 

What the investors have to say: “In these extraordinary times, cooking is now more than ever a safe haven. While numerous studies show that French people, and indeed all the people around the world are cooking more and more, they seek fun content, creative and simple recipes, original ideas and innovative products to accompany them in their achievements”. Said Thierry de la Tour d’artaise, CEO of Group SEB. 

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