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Agriwebb raises USD 30 Million in series B funding round

Australian digital management company, Agriwebb secures USD 30 million funds in series B funding round on 19th of January 2021, providing it an estimation of around USD 100 million, and as this field scales up there are enormous opportunities for the Australian players. 

Investors: The capital was acquired in the series B funding round which also includes the USD 10 billion Australian government backed clean energy finance corporation which joins Agriwebb’s existing share registry which includes the wheatsheaf group, The Duke of Westminster’s Agtech investment fund and private financers such as the CEO of the European meat processor, Dunbia. 

What the funding is for: Agriwebb claims that the capital would be utilized to amplify efforts on customer service and existing products in Australia. They also contemplate investing in ground breaking product features.

Founders of the company: Justin Webb, Kevin Baum, Philip Chan, John Fargher

Legal name of the company: Agriwebb Pty Ltd

Founded date: April 1, 2013

Primary objective of the company: The organization aims to provide their customers a simplified record of their entire farm through its drag and drop technology. 

About the company: Agriwebb is a privately held organization which comes under the computer and IT industries and was established in 2013. Its headquarters is located in Surry hills, New South Wales and has a work strength of around 51-200 employees. Agriwebb is an ingenious software association which focuses on the live-stock production industry. Their products enable us to analyse and simplify data collection to improve decision making, management efficiency, transparency and benchmark while integrating through vertical and horizontal supply chains. They also deal with various specialties which includes farm management, agriculture and agtech. 

What the CEO has to say: “There are a very few jobs which empowers you to have a lasting impact on such a critical and everlasting industry. The power opportunity to work with our customers daily while relentlessly seeking to improve them has been the most motivating experience in my life. I moved my family to Australia seven years ago to make a difference, and it’s extremely exciting to be returning to the US this year, as we deliver a world leading solution to new markets”. Said Kevin Baum, CEO of Agriwebb. 

“My journey from five generations of live-stock farming in northern south Australia to the co-founding of the world’s leading agricultural technology company has always been focused on delivering value to farmers”. Said John Fargher. 

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