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Cyberpion, cybersecurity startup raises US$ 8.25M in seed funding

Security startup Cyberpion raises US$ 8.25M in seed funding

Cyberpion, a US-based cybersecurity startup which helps companies protect their entire online ecosystem, raised US$ 8.75 million in seed funding held in October 2020. This round was co-led by Team8 Capital and Hyperwise Ventures

Cyberpion already has teams set up in the US and Israel. This fund will be used to increase sales and marketing efforts and expand and boost product development for online ecosystem security platform.    

About Cyberpion


Cyberpion was co-founded by Nethanel Gelernter, the company’s CEO, CBO Ran Nahmias and Israeli cloud expert Ori Engelberg in 2017. Nethanel Gelernter was a security researcher at Microsoft and was the director of the enterprise strategy there and Ran Nahmias had also worked as the head of cloud security at Check Point. 

Cyberpion’s online ecosystem security platform can be used to discover hidden assets in the ecosystem, secure the entire online ecosystem and automatically neutralise threats before attackers can misuse them. 

Cyber attacks can take different forms. For example, public key (PKI) breaches, malicious code, DNS hijacking, taking advantage of bad and misconfigured cloud infrastructures etc. These attackers have an intent to take over the assets of different, connected organizations and steal data. 

Nahmias pointed out that companies usually focus on protecting the ecosystem completely owned and managed by them. But the reality is that companies have many unknown assets and Cyberpion helps identify, secure these assets.

About Team8 Capital

Team8 Capital
Team8 Capital

Team8 Capital is a Tel-Aviv based venture capital vehicle focusing on investing in enterprise technology startups in various domains like data, AI and cybersecurity by investing Seed, Series A and Series B types of funding. It was built from scratch by its parent company Team8 in 2014.  

Team8 Capital has a collaborative model for solving enterprise problems. It partners with entrepreneurs to co-found new companies and instead of stopping at investing capital, it gives the entrepreneurs access to high-end research tools and helps them solve all the different types of problems that arise during setting up a company.

About Hyperwise Ventures

hyperwise Ventures
Hyperwise Ventures

Nathan Shuchami, Ben Omelchenko and Aviv Gafni founded hyperwise in 2020. It is a venture capital investor focusing on early-stage, venture and seed funding. 

Shuchami is an angel investor, entrepreneur and cybersecurity and enterprise software executive. Omelchenko and Gafni are angel investors and entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience in the field of cybersecurity. Prior to the company turning into an investor, they co-founded Hyperwise Security, which was acquired by Check Point in 2015.

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