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TOP 10 Greentech Startups worldwide

TOP 10 Startups


GreenTech Startups are those which aim to solve environmental problems through the creation of cutting-edge technologies. These startups develop their businesses in order to create a clean and green world.

The following article profiles the TOP 10 GreenTech Startups worldwide:

1. Bevi


Founders: Eliza Becton, Frank Lee and Sean Grundy

Founding Year: 2013

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Funding received: US$ 60.1M

Investors: Techstars, Bessemer Venture Partners, Right Side Capital Management, Trinity Ventures, Horizons Ventures, Techstars Boston Accelerator, Dorm Room Fund and Zillionize Angel. In addition to MIT Venture Mentoring Service (MIT VMS), Tamarisc Ventures, TIA Ventures, Chasella and TECHU.

Bevi is a GreenTech startup that makes a smart water cooler that offers flavored and sparkling drinks on demand, including pure filtered water. This smart water dispenser is also internet-linked and routinely notifies Bevi engineers when a machine needs repairing. 


Offering both unsweetened and naturally sweetened flavors, its savor collection offers an extensive variety of healthy alternatives to sugary drinks.

2. Solugen


Founders: Gaurav Chakrabarti and Sean Hunt

Founding Year: 2016

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Funding received: US$ 55.2M

Investors: Y Combinator, Founders Fund, FundersClub, Social Capital, Tuesday Capital, Social Club, Tuesday Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures, Soma Capital and Brad Flora. Furhtermore, Hack VC, Cantos, Investos, Refactor Capital, Fifty Capital, KdT Ventures, Aera VC, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT, Todd Corenson

Solugen is a biotech startup that produces high-performance chemicals from plant-derived alternatives. Its offerings eliminate the need for highly explosive and toxic petrochemical-based chemicals to clean water because its products are more efficient, affordable, safer to produce, and less dangerous for clients and their employees. These chemicals are fully biodegradable as well.

Solugen Labs

The startup’s prize-winning hydrogen peroxide technology was built by a crew of doctors, scientists, and engineers from MIT.

3. Iron Ox

Iron Ox
Iron Ox

Founders: Brandon Alexander and Jon Binney

Founding Year: 2015

Headquarters: California, US

Funding received: US$ 50.2M

Investors: Y Combinator, Crosslink Capital, Tuesday Capital, Eniac Ventures, Cherubic Ventures, Amplify Ventures, 7percent Ventures, Comet Labs, Anorak Ventures and Avant Global. In addition to, Pathbreaker Ventures, Innovating Capital, Greg Castle, Formic Ventures, R7 Partners, Vijay Pradeep and At One Ventures.

Iron Ox runs independent automated greenhouses used to cultivate fresh and pesticide-free farm products that are accessible far and wide. It utilizes plant science, machine learning, and robotics to augment the availability, quality, and flavor of leaf vegetables and culinary herbs. 

Iron Ox greenhouse
Iron Ox

This enables consumers to buy organically grown and chemical-free farm products. The greentech startup’s vision is to make good quality food available to everyone.

4. Pure Watercraft

Pure Watercraft
Pure Watercraft

Founders: Andy Rebele

Founding Year: 2011

Headquarters: Washington, USA

Funding received: US$ 25.5M

Investors: L37 Venture Partners

Pure Watercraft uses innovative technology to turn boating into a more enjoyable, easily accessible, and eco-friendly experience. 100% clean electric power flows smoothly from its exclusive battery pack system producing zero emissions. The GreenTech startup’s boats are designed in such a way so as to ensure no oil or gas spills and no grueling toxic fumes going directly into the water. They have also developed a trademarked gear set and motor control design to ensure that the boat’s systems run silently and with less vibration, all without compromising performance. 

Pure Watercraft boat
Pure Watercraft

The boats have a completely sealed electric outboard motor implying that there are no liquids to ever check or fill, no spark plugs, no cooling loop to get clogged, no gear set rebuilding, and no yearly winterization ( that is, prepare (a vehicle, house, etc.) for cold weather conditions by adding antifreeze or insulation, heating units, etc.).

5. CoInspect


Founders:  Aaron Cohen, Manik Suri and Ranjeet Sidhu

Founding Year: 2014

Headquarters: San Francisco, USA

Funding received: US$ 13.2M

Investors: Urban Us, Impact Engine, Clocktower Technology Ventures, URBAN-X, Stage Venture Partners, Nitesh Banta, Govtech Fund, Active Impact Investments and Lou Salkind.

CoInspect is a GreenTech startup that strives to protect our food and globe. It develops technology to guarantee food safety and sustainability from farm-to-table, a concept wherein restaurants and hotels buy foodstuffs directly from local farmers to ensure freshness. The startup has built IoT-driven 24/7 temperature monitoring sensors and mobile checklist apps to reduce food wastage, improve security and reduce refrigeration emanations. Therefore, protecting millions of people worldwide.

CoInspect App

It has partnered with over 5K+ restaurants, vendors and manufacturers to date. Some of the popular brands associated with CoInspect include Starbucks, McDonald’s, TGI Fridays, Chick-fil-A, and 7-Eleven.

6. Notpla


Founders: Pierre Paslier and Rodrigo García González

Founding Year: 2014

Headquarters: London, England

Funding received: £5.4 M

Investors: Torch Capital, Stichting DOEN, Astanor Ventures, Lupa Systems, Sky Ocean Ventures and Crowdcube.

Notpla is an environment-friendly packaging start-up developing a variety of materials and products produced from seaweed and plants. These materials are a feasible replacement of single-use plastic generally used for packaging and is naturally biodegradable. The company began operations in 2014 with the Ooho product. It is a flexible packaging for liquids that can be made in an array of sizes from 10ml-100ml. The product is made from extracts from seaweed and plants, all of which are food items and consequently make it edible. If one doesn’t want to eat it, they can simply discard it in the food waste or normal dustbins. If it ends up in the environment, it will take less than 6 weeks to biodegrade.


7. Industrial Phycology

Industrial Phycology
Industrial Phycology

Founders: Dr. Dan Murray 

Founding Year: 2012

Headquarters: Bristol, United Kingdom

Funding received: US$ 3.3M

Investors: EASME – EU Executive Agency for SMEs, Pitch@Palace, MEIF Proof-of-Concept & Early Stage Fund, University of Bristol Enterprise Fund

Industrial Phycology has developed and trademarked a system to utilize the power of algae to eliminate nutrients from the ground using pioneering procedures and technologies. The system has been explicitly designed for agricultural, municipal and industrial use and to cater to the needs of the wastewater workers for better-quality wastes.  

Industrial Phycology
Industrial Phycology

The startup has received the following recognizations to date:

-2017 Innovate UK funding

-2016 EU funding and support via Horizon 2020 Programme.

-2015 IBLF (Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum) Award for Innovation and Technology Development

-2014 Pitch@Palace Award for Most Commercial Potentiale.

8. SkyCool Systems

SkyCool Systems
SkyCool Systems

Founders: Aaswath Raman, Eli Goldstein and Shanhui Fan

Founding Year: 2016

Headquarters: California, USA

Funding received: US$ 2.7M

Investors:  StartX (Stanford-StartX Fund),

NSF Small Business Innovation Research, Tumml, ARPA-E

SkyCool Systems has used radiative cooling as innovative technology and shown that specially designed optical films can enable this approach to enable cooling throughout the day. These optical films are exceedingly reflective to sunlight but also emit thermal radiation remarkably well to the atmosphere, enabling daytime action during the hottest hours of the day.

SkyCool Systems cooling panel
SkyCool Systems

The startup is working with a  mission to deliver feasible, energy-efficient cooling solutions to customers interested in reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.

It claims a rooftop cooling panel as its core invention. It applies the radiative film to rooftop panels and combines them with air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Consequently, the rooftop panels can be utilized as supplementary to air conditioning and refrigeration systems and in some situations even replace an air condensing unit. SkyCool believes its technology is fast-tracking the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

9. Dryad Networks

Dryad Networks
Dryad Networks

Founders: Carsten Brinkschulte

Founding Year: 2019

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Funding received: €1.8 M

Investors: Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg.

Dryad Networks is an eco-friendly IoT startup. Its aim is to build a large-scale IoT network that empowers public and private forest owners to track, analyze and protect the world’s largest and most isolated forests. The startup’s initial emphasis is on developing a system for the extremely-early detection of wildfires.


10. Illuminum Greenhouses

Illuminum Greenhouses
Illuminum Greenhouses

Founders: Brian Bett and Taita

Founding Year: 2014

Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya

Funding received: £660K

Investors: Innovate UK, Spring Accelerator

Illuminum Greenhouses is a greenhouse and drip installation startup working with smallholder farmers to improve efficiency through the use of innovative technologies while including other essential services to ensure smallholder farmers get to access a fully equipped solution. Its greenhouses are armed with solar-powered sensors enabling IoT to reach smallholder farmers. These inexpensive modern greenhouses and automated drip irrigation kits are created and installed by Illuminum for smallholder farmers by using locally obtainable materials and solar-powered sensors.

Illuminum Greenhouses

It offers various solutions such as, Farmshield (AI-driven sensors that can control your farm without your physical presence, from your mobile phone and dashboard. Farmers can easily get real-time data on fertigation and irrigation needs for their crops. This is achieved with the help of grid sensors that measure diverse parameters and send the data to Illuminum’s cloud where they analyze it and send real-time alerts and advice to farmers through SMS, Email or App alerts.), Greenhouse Plus+, Illuminum Herbs Export, Metallic Greenhouses, Shade Nets, among many more.

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