Miami, Florida-based global leader in scent branding and marketing solutions, Aroma360, acquired the assets of NextScent Inc. NextScent is known for its patented, eco-friendly, and advanced air-care solutions that have been developed for commercial accounts and global brands. The company announced the acquisition on March 25, 2024. However, it did not disclose the amount of the transaction.

Purpose of the acquisition by Aroma360

As part of the industry-changing acquisition, NextScent’s executive management team will lead Aroma360 Pro. The former also brings to the table decades of experience in the fragrance and scenting world.

Additionally, the innovative Ventus® air-care system is now part of the Aroma360 portfolio of consumer solutions thanks to this game-changing acquisition. An intelligent in-home air care device called Ventus® analyzes and cleans indoor air while dispensing safe scents that contain natural odor neutralizers. In contrast to conventional smell products that include heat, waxes, oils, or sprays, the Ventus® system makes use of the first HEPA filter/scent cartridge combination ever created. The Ventus® cartridge is made for commercial composting and is environmentally friendly.

What the Aroma360 official has to comment

Eduard Kotlyarov, Jr., President of the Global, Aroma360 LLC, said, “The power of scenting and scent marketing has not only been proven to enhance the staff and client experience for your business, but many studies have determined that consumers will stay longer and spend up to 80% more where custom scenting has been used to influence the overall on-site, customer experience.” 

What the NextScent official has to add

David Amaral, former CEO of NextScent and President of Aroma360 Pro, said, “We are excited for this strategic move to incorporate the amazing fragrances, consumer solutions and global reach of Aroma360 with the industry expertise and advanced technology from NextScent. The solution set that we offer, to help enterprise clients leverage the power of scent, is unmatched in the industry.”

About Aroma360 

With rapid growth, Aroma360 has emerged as the dominant force in the fragrance marketing sector. Our area of expertise is using scent branding and marketing techniques to improve the entire brand and consumer experience. Our scenting experts have created hundreds of signature scents tailored to meet the distinct image and objectives of each brand for hundreds of clients spread over more than 30 countries. We have collaborated with a number of brands, including Four Seasons®, Marriott’s®, Ferrari®, and Lexus®. We have created exclusive fragrances for a number of hotels and spas, including the Ritz Carlton®, Biltmore®, Bellagio® in Las Vegas, Atlantis® Hotel in Paradise Island, Disney Senses Spas®, and many more. 

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