Zurich, Switzerland-based fintech company yeekatee raises an additional EURZ 575 K in funding. The company announced the fundraise on September 11, 2023. FiveT Fintech led the financing for the firm. Meanwhile, existing investor Ronald Strässler, a successful entrepreneur from the fintech industry, joined in the financing.

Purpose of financing for yeekatee

With the latest financing, the company seeks to fund the transition into a fully-fledged social investment platform in the coming months and years. It also has plans to prepare for a broad launch across Europe.

What the company’s officials have to comment

Didier Matthey, CEO and Co-Founder of yeekatee, said, “yeekatee sets itself apart by offering unparalleled precision and comprehensive coverage of portfolio figures for synchronized real portfolios as for manually entered. This depth of information and the access to the community equips users to manage their wealth more effectively and aids in making informed financial decisions.”

What the investors have to comment

Alexander Christen, CEO and Co-Founder of FiveT Fintech, further stated, “We are thrilled to be part of yeekatee’s journey to redefine wealth aggregation and social investing. yeekatee’s booking engine is a trailblazer, providing investors with an unprecedented depth and accuracy of portfolio data. We eagerly anticipate the next phase where we support the team in finding the most effective strategies for leveraging this data and establishing vibrant investor communities.”

About the company 

André Pierre Müller, Didier Matthey, Kei Nufer, and Ronald Strässler launched the company in 2021. The company specializes in advanced wealth aggregation, portfolio tracking, as well as community-driven features. The solutions are tailored for the new-age retail investor. yeekatee boasts an experienced team of financial specialists committed to crafting a future where investing is intuitive, insightful, and inherently social.

yeekatee recently launched its mobile app. It enables users to track all their assets, such as an ultra-secure automatic synchronization feature for actual bank and brokerage accounts. This wealth-tracking capability is seamlessly integrated with social features and comprehensive financial data. Its features allow to:

Catch up with friends and peers- Follow friends and discover knowledgeable investors. Maintain conversations using stellar features.

Aggregate portfolio with no effort- No more async portfolios. Aggregate portfolios by connecting bank and brokerage accounts in a split second.

Sneak peek at interesting portfolios- Stay in the loop with exciting investment moves and portfolios. Appreciate each portfolio as it brings its uniqueness.

Learn and earn, or show and lead- Learn the ins and outs of the financial world and personality as an investor. Engage in communications and find the right path.

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