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Australia and London, Aug. 16, 2023  — The seed round of funding for Marqo, a firm that powers search and discovery using AI, has concluded at USD 5.2 million. Cohere’s co-founders, Ivan Zhang and Aidan Gomez, and January Capital and Creator Fund have all contributed to the investment Blackbird Ventures spearheading. The funding will be utilized to create a brand-new vector search technology that differs from existing vector databases by continuously improving based on user participation.

Jesse Clark, a physicist at Stanford and UCL, former lead scientist at Amazon Robotics AI, principal scientist at StitchFix, and Tom Hamer, a former software developer for Amazon Web Services (AWS), developed Marqo. Since then, the team has added engineering, operations, and artificial intelligence talent from Goldman Sachs, Uber, and Amazon.

In contrast to standard keyword searches, Marqo employs machine learning models to grasp content and meaning to produce more accurate search results. Searches can be done by text, image, or mixing the two. Although the system uses generative AI, analytics, and security, its initial focus is on end-user search (e-commerce, markets). The newly launched service, presently in closed beta, enables machine learning models to automatically pick up knowledge from user interaction and continuously raise the vectors’ relevancy.

“Search is in desperate need of modernisation – the vast majority of search experiences are based on legacy keyword search systems, which provide poor results,” said Tom Hamer, co-founder of Marqo. Customers want search results that anticipate their demands rather than simply matching terms. This is crucial for firms like e-commerce where the search bar is the main product. Marqo boosts customer conversion rate, order value, and revenue by automatically enhancing itself in response to user interaction and delivering highly relevant results.

The goal of Marqo is to democratize AI technology so that it is simple to create breakthrough search experiences. Jesse Clark, a co-founder of Marqo, remarked that despite its many benefits, vector search is still challenging to implement, particularly for applications demanding real-time tracking. 

Marqo decided to open-source its fundamental code, making it freely usable by anyone, because it believes in democratizing AI technology. Marqo provides a fully managed, serverless Cloud Service for businesses seeking a solution optimized for production without any operating overheads. After a successful early access program, the Cloud Service is now accessible to all users, enabling quick registration and use of Marqo. As a component of Marqo Cloud, the continuous-learning vector search service is anticipated to launch later this year.

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