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WASHINGTON—-Pallas Ventures, a venture capital firm focusing on national security and innovation, announced today an investment in Impulse Space, a disruptive company in the space technology sector. Impulse Space specializes in last-mile payload delivery to custom orbits and distant destinations. 

The company recently secured an oversubscribed USD 45 million Series A Round led by RTX Ventures, following significant advancements in the market and technology.

Impulse Space is dedicated to providing agile and cost-effective space logistics services, with an immediate focus on Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Their services include in-space transportation to custom orbits, in-space payload hosting, and space asset repositioning, including deorbiting. Looking ahead, Impulse plans to extend its services to cover all classes of payloads, reaching distant destinations like Geostationary Equatorial Orbit (GEO), the Moon, and Mars.

The funding received from Pallas Ventures and other participant investors, including Founders Fund, Lux Capital, Airbus Ventures, and Space Capital, will accelerate the development of Impulse Space’s suite of orbital service vehicles. One of their upcoming missions includes launching the Mira space vehicle for an LEO mission later this year. Additionally, Impulse Space has recently unveiled plans for the first-ever commercial landing on Mars, scheduled for 2026.

Richard Spencer, Managing Director of Pallas Ventures, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Impulse Space, praising their innovative approach to space mobility and logistics, focusing on supporting national security missions. Barry Matsumori, COO of Impulse Space, welcomed Pallas Ventures as a partner, highlighting the importance of national security as a market for Impulse Space and the benefits of working with a knowledgeable ecosystem.

Pallas Ventures, as a dual-use venture capital firm, collaborates with forward-thinking companies that develop groundbreaking technology with significant applications in national security. Their strategic insight and extensive experience in both defense and corporate enterprises provide valuable support to their portfolio partners. With a network that includes expertise at the highest levels of the federal government and the U.S. military, Pallas Ventures offers essential resources to the companies they invest in during crucial stages of their development.

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