OSAKA, Japan, July 5, 2023 — EX-Fusion announced the closing of a seed-round investment of 1.8 billion yen that had been oversubscribed and aimed to hasten the commercialization of laser fusion technology. The new financing would boost the total amount raised by EX-Fusion, which has already raised 130 million yen, to 1.93 billion yen.


The promise of laser fusion to create a decarbonized civilization is currently gaining attention, and international rivalry is getting more intense. In the past, universities and national research organizations in different countries primarily carried out academic research and development. Still, after the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the United States announced the energy gain (net energy gain) experimental results on December 13, 2022, startup companies worldwide are accelerating towards the commercialization of laser fusion.

EX-Fusion is dedicated to advancing laser fusion’s commercialization in Japan. We intend to realize the first commercial laser fusion power plant and contribute to advancing technology in various optical industries, not just the energy industry, by combining high-output, high-repetition laser technology, continuous target supply devices, and advanced visual control technology.

They have concentrated on creating laser control components since the last financing cycle. With the help of this round of funding, they will build their facility and set up a testing environment for these components.

More significant components are also needed to operate higher-power lasers. We want to develop a range of optical industries centered on laser fusion, establish dedicated laser system production within our company, develop advanced manufacturing technologies, and make significant strides as a clean energy producer to become a global leader in nuclear fusion energy science.

Masahiro Samejima is the lead investor for ANRI.

I’m overjoyed to have the opportunity to take part in this investment round as the lead investor.

Since the technology concept’s pre-startup phase, we have backed the business, and we believe that the NIF in the United States’ research findings are causing the global interest in laser fusion to proliferate. However, several fundamental technologies still need to be developed and time for laser fusion to be realized. As a result, we would like to support the company steadily as “Patient Capital” that can carefully nurture such “Tough Tech” in the long term without being overly influenced by global trends. Give humanity the “sun on earth” in some way.

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