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California’s San Jose, June 19, 2023, The TDK Corporation (TSE: 6762) revealed that its corporate venture capital arm, TDK Ventures Inc., is entering the European market with aspirations to invest in local entrepreneurs. As part of its ambitious plan to promote energy transition, electrification, and decarbonization throughout Europe, the company chose London as the location of its first branch. TDK Ventures will launch its USD 150 million (USD) multi-LP Fund EX1 at the same time. The fund will concentrate on energy transformation firms in Europe and North America in the Seed and Series A phases.

After extensive study, TDK Ventures decided on London because of the city’s high concentration of startups and investment funds with an environmental focus. The city’s comprehensive ecosystem for venture innovation, which includes scientific talent with an entrepreneurial mindset, a top-notch university system, top-tier climate investors (both early and growth), a centralized location, and accessibility to robust public markets, further impressed the company. 

Lord Dominic Johnson, a seasoned financial services veteran with over 25 years of experience, said, “TDK Ventures has earned a reputation for successfully investing in and supporting highly innovative startups featuring incredible disruptive technologies in the realm of electrification and decarbonization.” “I send them my best wishes as they work to address the various climate-related problems we face. I’m overjoyed that they chose London as the location of their first office in Europe, and I look forward to them competing in that market. I also extend a warm welcome to them in London.

In the European Union, recent materials science and manufacturing advancements have ushered in a pivotal period for electrification and decarbonization initiatives. In the past, TDK Ventures has aided innovative companies in this field in gaining access to the funding they require to expand their operations and market their goods as essential elements of global carbon neutrality.

Natalie Black, His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Asia Pacific, expressed her excitement that TDK Ventures picked London as the location of its first European headquarters. “The strength of the UK’s tech sector, which raised $31.1 billion in VC funding last year, making the UK the third largest market in the world for tech investment, is demonstrated by the company’s decision to include UK companies as prospective recipients in its new $150 million Fund EX1. To help us combat climate change, I hope to see TDK Ventures succeed in the UK.

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