California –The data platform for Large Language Models (LLMs), LlamaIndex, reported raising USD 8.5M in seed funding, with Greylock as the lead investor. Jack Altman, Lenny Rachitsky, Mathilde Collin (CEO of Front), Raquel Urtasun (CEO of Waabi), Joey Gonzalez (Berkeley), and others are among the angel investors in the round. With the money, the business will create an enterprise product based on the well-known open-source project of the same name.

LLMs are restricted to the data they were trained on while having many potential use cases. This fall, as ML researcher and engineer Jerry Liu explored the potential of GPT-3, he found limitations, particularly in the models’ capacity to work with data that is private to an individual or enterprise, including files (PDFs, Powerpoints), workplace applications (Notion, Slack, Salesforce), and databases (Postgres, MongoDB).

Jerry Liu, CEO & Co-Founder of LlamaIndex, says, “Many users building applications on top of LLMs want to unlock new use cases with their own private data. To address this, I developed an open-source project called LlamaIndex to aid in my and other developers’ ability to utilize the capabilities fully and use cases of any LLM.”

The open-source project immediately found a following among the AI community, including hackers and engineers at startups and large corporations. After only six months, the project has 200K monthly downloads, 6K Discord members, 15K Github Stars, and 19K Twitter followers.

Jerry realized the project could be very beneficial to businesses because they frequently want to ingest and structure their private data in a way that can be used with LLMs, perform various LLM tasks over that data, and obtain high-quality responses with verifiable sources. Jerry saw teams at companies like Uber, Instabase, and Front use LlamaIndex to prototype LLM-powered features over their data. Jerry teamed up with Simon Suo (Co-founder and CTO), whom he met while conducting ML research at Uber, in March to launch.

Any LLM can be used with LlamaIndex’s open-source framework, which provides a user-friendly and optimized experience. The toolkit contains data intake, indexing, and a query engine layer. It can handle various data sources, including structured, semi-structured, unstructured, text, and even image data. On top of the well-known open source project, the business enterprise solution, which will be accessible later this year, will be developed. The solution offers a range of services, from scalable/reliable data source connections to security features like access control and user management, and will assist businesses in removing technical and security hurdles for data consumption.

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