Los Angeles, USA-based innovative investment manager focused on investing in and accelerating climate solutions in public equity markets, ScopeFour Capital launched an investment platform for innovative climate impact. The company announced the launch on June 02, 2023. Its initial strategy integrates the company’s proprietary Climate Impact & Alpha framework into its investment process. With the integration, ScopeFour Capital aims to identify companies poised to profit in the short- and long-term from the unavoidable global transition towards net zero.

Purpose of the platform by ScopeFour Capital 

The company has plans to continue expansion as it builds upon the platform.

It further looks forward to launching a climate council that incorporates additional thought leadership on mitigation and adaptation.   

What the company’s official has to add

Ms Heather Beatty, the founder of ScopeFour Capital, said, “As the global focus on carbon reduction continues to accelerate, there has been a marked need for an investment solution. It should focuses on decarbonization leaders and provides targeted liquid and non-correlated products for climate-aligned investors. To address that need, we have spent more than a year evaluating and developing our proprietary climate impact database and alpha generation framework. It will further take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity powered by the global commitment to net zero. “

In addition, Robin Kollunner, Partner and Portfolio Manager of the company, said, “Decarbonization is a generational investment opportunity. It is akin to the digitization of our economy. Implementing an active, fundamental-based approach to construct a diversified portfolio of climate impact leaders offers favourable risk-reward characteristics for investors. One doesn’t need to sacrifice returns for impact. We are thrilled to begin offering measurable and impactful climate investing portfolios to institutional and high net worth, net zero aligned investors.”

About the company 

Heather Beattty launched the company in 2022. ScopeFour Capital is an innovative investment management firm. The USA-based company places exclusive focus on supporting a science-informed framework for investing in climate solutions. The firm aims to be a trusted conduit for investors who want actionable insights, a climate-aligned investment path, as well as measurable results.

 The company leveraged metrics informed by science-led organisations CRANE and Project Drawdown to establish a proprietary climate classification system. The system consists of more than 100 climate solutions across six themes, which enables the Firm to rank investment opportunities by emission reduction potential (ERP) among other key climate and financial metrics. 

Specifically, the Firm links companies to climate solutions by looking at revenues, capital expenditures as well as R&D. It further allows to determine materiality and, along with rigorous fundamental analysis, identify climate catalysts that will lead to stock price appreciation. 

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