May 16, 2023, New York  — A USD 15 million deal co-led by SemperVirens and HC9 Ventures marked the first closing of Laguna Health’s Series A financing, the AI-powered platform for contextual care management. With the initial closure, Laguna has raised more than USD 21 million. With the money, the business will broaden its go-to-market and develop its AI skills in care management.

At least two-thirds of the 35 million Americans hospitalized each year are released to take care of themselves at home. These patients often receive written instructions on paper and little ongoing clinical supervision while they heal. Even if a patient in recovery is given a care manager, medical records for the patient rarely reflect their life context, their caregiver’s life context, or any potential emotional causes.

The cost of individual life circumstances—which go beyond SDOH—is seven times more than the cost of medical mistakes. An elderly patient may not take insulin as prescribed if their fingers are arthritic or have eyesight problems. Due to work and family commitments, a mother may put off seeing her doctor for nausea and fatigue, leading to sepsis readmission. One explanation for a father disobeying “no-lifting” guidelines could be if he is raising a child alone.

Sorely underserved are care transitions like inpatient or acute outpatient hospital admissions. Chronic personnel shortages and heavy caseloads further hinder care managers. To help care managers, better support members’ rehabilitation and ongoing care, Laguna’s AI engine blends medical care plans with social, emotional, and cultural variables. This technology is based on a tried-and-true contextual care model. Care managers are given the tools to help patients overcome recovery obstacles, including care plans tailored to each patient’s living circumstances. Laguna’s NLP will recognize a mother’s worry over her recovery and conflicting life goals for a woman with family and job responsibilities and will also give digital and human interventions, such as personalized material in the app and virtual support with a care manager.

Employer healthcare goals have changed from ‘good to have’ employee benefits and perks to managing double-digit healthcare expense increases due to the unstable economy and escalating healthcare prices. Laguna’s capacity to reduce complicated and acute population spend requires no change in company health plan design and offers an extraordinary return on employer investment.

“For health plans, post-acute providers, and home health providers, driving impact and scale is typically a painful tradeoff,” said Richard Lungen, General Partner, HC9 Ventures. Laguna has established itself as the next-generation care management platform of choice for employers, health plans, and integrated delivery networks by demonstrating that AI-powered contextual care is both efficient and scalable.

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