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Seattle, 15 May 2023 –  An innovative platform for healthcare transparency called Cascade Health reported that it has secured USD 1.7 million in venture capital from AlleyCorp and other strategic angel investors. The company also launched a generative AI assistant to personalize the customer experience with complete transparency around cost and quality of care, as well as APIs that enable businesses in the healthcare sector to access data on demand and use it to build their own internal and external products.

The US healthcare system has become more intricate and opaque as expenses have risen steadily. TO COMBAT THIS, the US government recently required hospitals and insurance providers to publicly reveal pricing information for treatments performed nationwide. Both sides have done so but in large files requiring much computational power to access or use.

Employers, consumers, governmental organizations, hospitals, insurance companies, and other enterprises involved in the healthcare industry can all benefit from Cascade Health’s use of cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) to aggregate these datasets along with other public and private healthcare data. It is the only business capable of transforming these datasets along with client-specific information and using sizable language models to communicate with the combined data to optimize decision-making in real time and personalize the experience for anybody receiving or providing care.

According to Cascade Health’s CEO and co-founder Ana-Maria Constantin, the organization wants to “become the infrastructure for healthcare transparency – an objective, neutral source for healthcare pricing and coverage.” “Anyone on any side of the healthcare system can use our intelligent platform to provide a window into all this and make data-driven decisions about the care they receive or provide,” the author claims.

Cascade Health’s intelligent platform uses a specialised massive-scale cloud computing infrastructure to locate, classify, and transform the large amounts of healthcare data necessary to bring transparency into healthcare pricing and coverage. In cooperation with AI and machine learning models, this infrastructure functions.

Customers may ask questions about coverage options, prices for various procedures and locations, and more using Cascade Health’s generative AI assistant. Cascade Health then leverages its platform to offer data-driven, plain-English responses to those inquiries. Additionally, the business offers an infrastructure for data management and warehousing so clients can use it without worrying about data storage.

Before starting Cascade Health, Constantin and co-founder Pulak Goyal worked at Microsoft for six years, developing large-scale cloud systems that employed machine learning to make deft, data-driven judgments regarding the best way to spend resources.

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