ST. LOUIS, April 11, 2023 — SentiAR, Inc., a pioneer in using Augmented Reality (AR) visualization technology for medical operations with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, has concluded a USD 8.5 million Series B funding. In addition to MedVenture Partners and several internal investors, including TechWald Holding, VCapital, QRM Capital, and Harmonix Fund, cultivate (MD) Ventures led the funding. The money will help the business start collaborations and expand its clinical deployments.

CommandEPTM, the company’s groundbreaking initial product, combines current imaging techniques to produce a real-time 3D holographic interface. This interface gives doctors an interactive, 360-degree picture of the patient’s unique anatomy to perform cardiac ablation therapy on patients. The CommandEP system uses a specially created headset the doctor wears to enable the first-ever hands-free management of the patient’s data and real-time cardiac anatomy and catheter positions inside the heart. The CommandEP system is intended to be used during cardiac ablation operations to improve physician navigation’s precision and efficiency. The accuracy of physician navigation in the heart has been proven to increase by up to 50% thanks to this technology, which gives doctors control over their digital instruments.

SentiAR’s CEO, Berk Tas, said: “We welcome new investors with great pleasure. With this money’s help, we can satisfy the doctors’ intense desire for this groundbreaking application. As we expand clinical deployments, we look forward to cooperating with our clinical and strategic partners.”

Cardiac electrophysiologist and founding director of the resynchronization and advanced cardiac therapeutics program at Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center, Dr. Jag Singh, MD, Ph.D., said, “Such a device has long been on our search list. It’s amazing because the CommandEP system allows for real-time complete 3D visualization and allows us to operate our images without using our hands. We anticipate CommandEP’s potential advantages for our patients.”

Dr. Jennifer Silva, MD, FHRS, FACC, FAHA, Dr. Jonathan Silva, Ph.D. of Washington University in St. Louis, and Mike Southworth, MS, formed SentiAR, Inc. with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. SentiAR began its journey with assistance from BioGenerator and Cultivation Capital and SBIR funding from the NIH. SentiAR has developed the first Mixed Reality application for use during interventional treatments, commencing with cardiac ablation operations, including the treatment of atrial fibrillation, by the founding team’s objective. 

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