California — The contemporary pricing platform, Orb, debuted and said that it completed a USD 14 million Series A round of investment. After a USD 5.1 million seed round led by Greylock in 2021, the round was headed by Menlo Ventures, increasing the total funded to USD 19.1 million. In addition to founders and executives from well-known businesses, including Asana, Datadog, HubSpot, Braze, Notion, Plaid, Replit, and Vercel, they are joined by base case capital, The Cannon Project, Data Community Fund, Essence VC, FOG Ventures, Scribble Ventures, South Park Commons, and SV Angel.

Software usage-based pricing has quickly replaced subscription-based pricing, and many businesses are attempting to tie the cost of their products to how they are used. There is no one-size-fits-all method of pricing, despite the fact that the trend towards utilisation is only possible to acknowledge. The majority of firms really profit from hybrid business models, and every company needs total control over how to price and package its products to promote effective growth. Flexibility is crucial, and Orb is the organization driving this development.

According to Orb’s CEO and co-founder Alvaro Morales, “pricing is one of the most effective growth levers that organizations have, yet so few can successfully develop their monetization to act on possibilities.” The cost of engineering to build this infrastructure internally was prohibitive for most businesses. Instead, businesses are forced to choose between robust billing systems for cross-functional users like finance or developer-friendly ones. Orb, introduced today, alters that.

The strong metering capabilities, variable price and package iterations, faster invoicing, reporting, and revenue recognition are all included in Orb’s sophisticated pricing platform, which spans the whole revenue workflow.

The industry is moving towards a single system of record for revenue across engineering, product, sales, DevOps, and finance, according to Naomi Ionita, Partner at Menlo Ventures. “We are going back from the age of point solutions to an era of consolidation,” she added. “Before I joined Menlo, my product growth and monetization teams dedicated a considerable amount of technical personnel to internally building versions of this infrastructure. We need Orb to help us reach our sales targets more quickly.

High-growth B2B technology firms like Airbyte, Dune, and Materialize use Orb to enable billing, which lowers their engineering costs and increases revenue. As generating revenue is a company-wide endeavour, Orb’s solution is created to hasten the progress of all stakeholders.

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