New York, USA-based healthcare technology company Reveal Healthtech raised USD 4 million in seed funding. The round took place on March 22, 2023. Healthcare-focused VC that invests in and grows tech-enabled early-stage healthcare companies, W Health Ventures led the financing for the company. 

Purpose of financing for Reveal Healthtech 

With the latest proceeds from the seed funding, Reveal Healthtech seeks to invest in further developing its service suite. It also has plans to establish a wider customer base.

Meanwhile, the company looks to expand its talent acquisition, training, and development efforts. In addition, the healthtech firm aims to partner with US-based healthcare organizations. It intends to maximize patient health outcomes by removing technology as a constraint to innovation and scale. 

What the company’s founder has to say

Sanchit Mullick, Founder and CEO of Reveal HealthTech said, “Healthcare is the largest sector in the US economy and has significant labour shortages, not just among clinicians but also from an engineering perspective. As technology takes centre stage in driving healthcare transformation, the industry needs partners to help drive purposeful technology adoption in building new Digital Care Pathways. At Reveal HealthTech, we seek to address this need by providing healthcare-specific engineering excellence complemented by clinical expertise and strategic insights. W Health Ventures’ global expertise and focus on the health-tech sector gives us an inside track on the challenges faced by the industry and will help accelerate our journey to being an industry leading player in this domain.”

What the investor has to add

Pankaj Jethwani, Partner, W Health Ventures, further said, “As believers in the transformative impact of technology on Healthcare, we recognize the challenges in its development and implementation. With technology spending in the US healthcare sector growing at 13% CAGR and healthcare regulations constantly changing, there is a clear need for an agile and sector-focused technology services company that understands the challenges faced by other healthcare companies. Reveal’s differentiated approach makes them the ideal player to catalyze positive change towards a tech-driven healthcare ecosystem. We’re thrilled to partner with Sanchit and his leadership team, who possess extensive expertise in technology, healthcare strategy, and care delivery.”

About Reveal Healthtech 

Sanchit Mullick launched Reveal Healthtech. The company provides specialized engineering, clinical model, and strategy support to healthcare organizations in the US and worldwide. The company is on a mission to maximize patient health by removing technology as a constraint to healthcare innovation.

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