SAN FRANCISCO – Clerk, the drop-in authentication and user management solution for React, announced a USD 15 million Series A backed by Madrona, with managing director Karan Mehandru joining the board. Mehandru has a comprehensive grasp of the field thanks to his time on the Auth0 board. Guillermo Rauch, the CEO of Vercel, Mango Capital, and Dave Wilner, the former CRO of Auth0, are some additional new investors. Participating investors included Andreessen Horowitz, S28 Capital, and Fathom Capital.

“Developers using Next.js and React have responded amazingly. In the last five months, monthly active users have increased by 500%, and we’ve reached one million managed users, “Colin Sidoti, co-founder and CEO remarked. When we first met Karan, we were eager to benefit from his expertise in the identification and scalability of go-to-market as we worked to create the next generation of applications.

A new design that will permeate all application development has been inspired by React and frameworks like Next.js, and this new architecture necessitates a particular set of developer tools. Although database and hosting technology has advanced, the authentication issue was handled internally before Clerk.

Rauch, the creator of Next.js, described Clerk as “Stripe Checkout for authentication and user management, but developed for React.” “It would take months to integrate the best practices incorporated into their ‘SignIn’ and ‘UserProfile’ components internally, but there is no compromise made in terms of Enterprise extension or customisation to your brand.”

With the additional cash, Clerk will move faster toward its vision for authentication. It is meant to assist developers with authorization, which necessitates understanding of a user’s role, permissions, billing plan, and entitlements. The clerk will function as the connecting thread between these systems, enabling React developers to create authorisation frameworks for their users.

As the authentication business transitions from back-end APIs to front-end componentized modules, “Clerk is a foundational technology firm focused solely on meeting the demands of the next generation of application developers,” said Mehandru. “As Auth0 did in the previous ten years, Clerk is well situated to provide the “system of action” and “system of record” for client IDs as this market develops. As they enable the developers of the future and create an enduring and fascinating company over the next ten years and beyond, Colin, his brother and cofounder Braden, and the Entire team have my full support.”

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