Singapore-based news outlet covering the world of Blockchain and Web3, Foresight News, raised USD 2 million in seed funding. The round took place on March 16, 2023. Foresight Ventures led the financing for the company. Meanwhile, several prominent investors, such as Hashkey and Arcane Group, joined in the funding.

Purpose of investment for Foresight News

With the latest seed injection, Foresight News seeks to further develop its platform’s capabilities. It also has plans to expand the news team. Meanwhile, the company aims to accelerate its product UX. In addition, Foresight News is in the process of building an open-source developer community aimed at bringing Web2 developers into Web3.

Moreover, the company continues to improve its AI technology, hire new talent, and expand its offerings beyond just delivering news.

What the company’s official has to say

Vincent Yu, the founder of Foresight News, said, “Foresight News has already attracted a growing number of partners, including prominent crypto founders, exchanges, investment institutions and Web3 communities. With this new funding, the company is well-positioned to further disrupt the news industry with its innovative approach.”

What the investors have to add

Forest Bai, the co-founder of Foresight Ventures, further continued, “The team at Foresight News demonstrates a long-term vision and execution ability, with their biggest goal being to provide a one-stop platform for creators and builders. I see great potential for them to grow into the world’s most influential media platform.”

Sunny He, Investment Director of HashKey Capital, said, “Foresight News is not only one of the most influential media outlets in the Chinese community, but also dedicated its efforts to bridge the conceptual gaps across different communities in the world. Beyond the media, the flash news and in-depth analysis, their commitment to filling the gap and building the knowledge database for the Web3 community is impactful. It is a great honour to back such a strong and visionary team.”

Neil Su, Managing Partner of Arcane Group, also said, “Building the knowledge stack for Web3 is especially crucial for global mainstream adoption. As such, Arcane Group believes that the values and plans laid out by Foresight News will help fill in the gaps. We are thrilled to be supporting the company’s efforts to create a much-needed Web3 data intelligence platform.”

About the company 

Foresight News presents industry information in multi-structural forms, with a focus on becoming the preferred platform for information and voting governance inquiries in the Chinese blockchain world.

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