US-based Inbox Health raises US$ 15M in Series A funding

SAN FRANCISCO Allermi, a direct-to-consumer telehealth company offering a customised allergy treatment method, today announced a USD 3.5M seed round to support the company’s ongoing efforts to provide a personalised approach to allergy care. Apostrophe, a direct-to-consumer telemedicine business offering personalized skincare treatments, was twice sponsored by Milestone Ventures, which led to their nine-figure sale to Hims & Hers (NYSE: HIMS). FourSight Capital Partners joined Nelstone Ventures in the round in addition.

Dr. Robert Bocian, an allergist with over 30 years of experience, co-founded Allermi. He is also an associate professor of allergy and immunology at Stanford University and the creator of Bocian’s Potions, the company’s first custom approach that combines and modifies the doses of several clinically-tested medications into a single nasal spray bottle to treat patients’ particular symptoms.

With a USD 1.25 million pre-seed investment led by Lucas Venture Group, Allermi began in California last July and has since shown over 30% month-over-month growth. Allermi is currently offered in 28 states throughout the country. To continue national expansion, establish and scale business, marketing, and product operations, and broaden marketing channels to accommodate rising demand, the seed funds will be put to use.

Over 110 million People have rhinitis and nasal congestion. Millions of people who suffer from rhinitis can now get far better relief than they could with generic solutions from the pharmacy, according to co-founder and CEO Shani Bocian. “Our fresh financing will enable us to continue developing our unique solution and make it available to allergy patients across the nation,” the company said.

Just 30% of allergy patients are content with the allergy drugs that are now accessible, despite the plethora of over-the-counter remedies and the billions of dollars spent annually. More than 90% of people who use Allermi report experiencing improved alleviation.

Rich Nelson, the founder and managing director of Nelstone Ventures, stated, “We initially met the Allermi team over a year ago and were attracted by their approach to enhancing patient care for rhinitis and allergy patients through their personalized solutions and telemedicine service. Since then, Shani Bocian, the CEO, and the rest of the team have done so much that we are proud to partner with them as they approach their next stage of development and expansion.

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