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March 10, 2023, BENGALURU, India  — Announcing a USD 1.4 million seed fundraising round, headed by India Quotient with participation from Gemba Capital and angel investors, is the zero-friction sales productivity workspace Luru.

The founding team of Luru set out to minimize friction in the interactions between revenue teams and their sales stack. By allowing for speedier CRM updates from anywhere and no-code process automation, Luru makes CRMs easy to use and beneficial for revenue teams. This improves the quality of CRM data, the output of sales representatives, and the GTM teams’ general effectiveness.

Former Exotel CXOs Karthik, Sanjeeth, Sid, and Anand established Luru in 2022. They encountered these issues there firsthand. Sales executives spend thousands of dollars on robust CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce. Incomplete data tops the problems for sales executives, yet CRM adoption rates are less than 30%. CRMs have lost their ability to boost productivity due to their clumsy interfaces and intricate customizations, according to Karthik, co-founder of Luru. “Luru clears all this clutter, propels CRM adoption, improves data hygiene twice, and frees up 80% of sales professionals’ time to work with CRMs. It is crucial that GTM teams get the most out of their CRM during this period of cautious corporate expenditure. Luru is a terrific facilitator.

For instance, sales operations directors can design procedures that notify sales representatives of sliding transactions that include significant value deals, renewals, or missing CRM fields. Sales representatives may respond to these warnings and update their CRM with a single click from anywhere, thanks to Luru Sidekick, a sales assistant module, which saves them hours of administrative labor.

Sethu Meenakshisundaram, the co-founder of Zluri, stated, “As we scale, it is critical for us to obtain comprehensive insight into our pipeline and respond rapidly to deal developments. “We have been able to swiftly design and iterate on sales processes on Slack, where our team is located, thanks to Luru’s no-code workflows. This has made it easier for us to see our pipeline more clearly in real-time, see roadblocks, and rush to close more sales.”

India Quotient’s founding partner, Anand Lunia, continued, “CRMs are currently seeing significant acceptance and are now required in most businesses. The user experience, however, continues to be a significant problem, harming users’ compliance, effectiveness, visibility, and morale. We think that B2B SaaS is ready for the next stage of UX innovation. Due to their outstanding experience at Exotel, Karthik, Sanjeeth, Sid, and Anand are particularly qualified to fix this. They have experienced these issues firsthand. We can’t wait to support them in their upcoming entrepreneurial endeavor.”

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