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BENGALURU, India, March 9, 2023 — With a USD 2.1M initial fundraising round headed by Tanglin Venture Partners, Houseware, the first warehouse-native revenue engine for SaaS firms, came out of stealth. Moreover, GTMfund, Better Capital, and well-known angel investors from top SaaS companies, including Snowflake, Stripe, Carta, Zendesk, Superhuman, and others, participated in the round. With the money, Houseware plans to increase its products by expanding its client base, growing its employees, and fortifying its partnerships with companies like Snowflake. The firm wants to treble its personnel this year and is aggressively seeking technical and design expertise in India.

SaaS companies worldwide have been under increased scrutiny as they attempt to create viable business models due to drifting macroeconomic conditions over the past year. But, a crucial tool for generating development and profits is still in the hands of a few: the data teams. With its extensive database, Houseware assists commercial and revenue teams in making choices more quickly and effectively. The company’s goal is to empower a larger audience in businesses outside of data and technical teams by addressing the accessibility and usability of data through applications.

“During the past six months, data and analytics have become increasingly crucial for SaaS organizations, with board meetings now asking questions like the cost of client acquisition, the best lead generation channels, and the relationship between product usage and attrition. Investors are primarily concerned with solid unit economics and the road to profitability. Therefore top-decile business performance will be crucial. To create the SaaS ecosystem for the upcoming ten years and to promote sustainable development and profitability, Houseware intends to address these issues, “co-founder and CEO of Houseware, Divyansh Saini.

Partner at Tanglin Venture Partners and the round’s initiator, Sankalp Gupta, said: “Houseware is developing at the intersection of two huge markets: the contemporary data stack and systems of records seen in SaaS firms, such as the CRM. The amazing founders Divyansh and Shubhankar have a keen focus on the product. We at Tanglin consider it a privilege to have collaborated with them at an early stage of their development, and we look forward to helping them as they cause a seismic change in this vast TAM, low NPS sector.”

With the aid of houseware, SaaS companies may develop a genuinely contemporary CRM based on a cloud data warehouse. Houseware blends the elegance and agility of the greatest consumerized SaaS with the strength and depth of the modern data stack (technologies like Snowflake) (and tools like Notion). With the help of this unique mix, teams can now develop data-first use cases across the revenue function rather than just being data consumers.

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