23 February 2023, San Francisco  — An up-and-coming company called Autobound has just announced USD 4 million in investment to help automate creating customized sales emails. The free Chrome extension from Autobound enables B2B sellers to start more buyer conversations faster.

“Writing excellent, individualized sales emails has previously been challenging for all sellers. When representing your business’s brand, sellers frequently choose quantity above quality. The standard for what is necessary to create an email response is greater than ever since that spray and pray techniques are so popular. “CEO Daniel Wiener, who had previously been the second-best BDR in Oracle’s US sales business, makes this statement.

“The AI of Autobound makes hyper-personalized content recommendations to the particular person you are contacting. Imagining ChatGPT for sales emails We’re making it simple for any seller to quickly produce an A+ sales email so they can concentrate on things that generate income, like really speaking with customers, “Wiener said.

Currently available for free, Autobound will soon introduce a paid version of their product. Sellers already use the technology from over 250 businesses, including Zoominfo, UserZoom, Outreach, Workato, SailPoint, OnTop, and GoLinks.

What’s exciting sales organizations so much, according to Wiener, is how Autobound instantaneously aligns their value proposition with the precise pain points of the buyers they sell to while also taking into account external signals like news events and hiring patterns.

This news follows the launch of Autobound Everywhere, which expanded the capabilities of Autobound to the software applications that sellers mostly use, including Gmail, LinkedIn, Outreach, SalesLoft, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

With Kyle Schuster, who was once Yelp’s top global sales manager, and Tanner McRae, who worked on Amazon’s R&D and ML teams for six years, Wiener co-founded Autobound.

Dundee VC anchored the $4M investment VC. “Daniel, Kyle, and Tanner are the ideal team to work with when creating a product like Autobound. Thanks to their practical sales expertise and technological skill, they have the knowledge necessary to create a tool that can turn any seller into a top seller. We feel privileged to be their partners and are forward to seeing how their solution advances sales teams.” — Mark Hasebroock, managing partner of Dundee Venture Capital.

Together with AIX Ventures, Richard Socher from You.com, Henry Schuck from Zoominfo, Simon Chan from Prediction.io, Sam Guttman from OwnBackup, Tadeusz Witkowicz, and the USC Marshall Venture Fund, other prominent CRM and AI players also took part.

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