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Atlanta, February 6, 2023, Quipli (, a venture studio located in Oakland, California, that is quickly establishing itself as the industry leader in software for the USD 60 billion equipment rental sector, said that it had received USD 3.5 million. The funds will be used to develop Quipli’s cutting-edge technology and guarantee that it keeps offering its clients the finest equipment rental management solution.

Since Quipli was merely a concept, we have collaborated with Kyle Clements [founder and CEO of Quipli], and Dan Saper, CEO of Boundless, remarked, “We couldn’t be more delighted to announce our continued support and relationship with him and the team.” “Customers in this market are prepared for the newest software due to their frustration with the existing solutions. Both the possibilities and the pain areas are quite genuine.”

In just its first 18 months of operation, Quipli has gone from zero to over 100 equipment rental customers, and it iterates swiftly as it serves more and more affluent clients.

“Amazingly, a contemporary technological platform may speed up the release of new products. A Service & Repair module was a popular request from consumers in Q4, and thanks to positive feedback from our client base, we were able to offer this functionality in only a few weeks, “Clements stated.

The American Rental Association (“ARA”) has chosen Clements to serve as the moderator of their forthcoming Future of Rental panel on February 11 at the Annual ARA Show.

In order to assist the company growth, Court Kasten joined Quipli as COO in 2022 from Clutch Automotive and Sage Intacct. To meet demand and continue offering best-in-class customer service, we practically doubled the team’s size in the previous year, according to Kasten. We take great pride in providing free help and 5-minute email response times.

Recently, Quipli attracted several well-known clients, including Arapahoe, Haulotte, SANY, and Sonsray.

According to Evan Moore, general manager of Arapahoe Rental:

 “Quipli is driving the next generation of software in the equipment rental sector. We encountered numerous dead ends during our search for a completely web-based rental management software with multiple location support and an integrated e-commerce website with real-time availability. For several months, we conducted side-by-side trials with several software providers, but there was no comparison to Quipli’s rate of development and customer support. Quipli consistently considers our needs and demonstrates enthusiasm for creating desired features. Arapahoe Rental now feels more like a partner than another customer, thanks to the Quipli staff.”

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