HOUSTON and ZURICH, February 6, 2023, Towards the end of 2023, cellvie Inc., a pioneer in the Harvard-developed Therapeutic Mitochondria Transplantation (TMT) method, closes a USD 5.5 Million funding.

The development of complex life, the vitality of youth, and the aging process are all closely related to mitochondria. Numerous illnesses, from heart attacks to neurological disorders to age-related degeneration, have been linked to their malfunction. Dr. James McCully, a co-founder of cellvie and the creator of TMT, says that although mitochondria have long been recognized as therapeutic targets, addressing them has been difficult. To restore the damaged cell energy metabolism following an ischemic shock, he turned to viable transplant mitochondria (e.g., a heart attack).

According to Dr. Alexander Schueller, co-founder, and CEO of cellvie:

 “We always considered mitochondria as a possible new category of medications given the insights acquired and therapeutic achievements displayed by my co-founders.” We have concentrated our efforts on scalable productization — creating an allogeneic off-the-shelf product — and research on novel therapeutic uses, including gene therapy delivery and aging — in order to realize the modality’s promise. Cellvie plans to advance and broaden the development of its mitochondria platform with the help of this further investment, as well as further solidifying the institutional underpinnings. While many businesses must preserve funds and slow down just before raising their next round, Dr. Schueller observes that “we are now in a position to speed up and establish an even better platform to raise our next round.”

In order to assist cellvie in achieving its goals, Taiho Ventures will join Kizoo Technology Capital as one of the company’s principal investors and be given a board seat. Sakae Asanuma, President and CEO of Taiho Ventures, says, “We identified the immense potential in the therapeutic use of mitochondria, particularly in the battle against cancer, and we feel that cellvie is very well positioned to become a leader in this new sector. Since leading the company’s seed round in 2020, Kizoo has become increasingly confident in the technology and the team’s future and, as a result is a substantial co-investor in this round.

According to Frank Schueler, Managing Director of Kizoo and a cellvie board member:

 “The group has accomplished a surprising amount in terms of expanding our knowledge and developing new mitochondria-based therapeutic approaches. Therefore, it only made sense for us to keep supporting cellvie as one of our main ventures.”

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