Australia-based AI coach creator, Fingerprint for Success (F4S) raised AU$ 5 million in recent financing. The company announced the fundraise on February 1, 2023. Investible led the financing for the company. Meanwhile, Five V Capital and Salesforce Ventures joined in the funding. ROCeteer, and other seed investors such as Google Maps cofounder Lars Rasmussen, Canva cofounders Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams, as well as former Australian Prime Minister the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull AC and noted Australian tech investor Roger Allen are the existing investors of the company.

So far, the total funds raised by the company stand at AU$ 9 million. 

Purpose of financing for Fingerprint for Success

With the latest financing from various investors, Fingerprint for Success seeks to make its’ real-time personal and team insights and coaching accessible via additional third-party integrations within work and collaboration platforms such as Slack and Zoom.

What the company’s official has to say

Founder and CEO Michelle Duval said, “There has been a focus until now for companies to prioritize hard, technical skills deemed necessary for performance. Though, it’s actually the ‘soft’ or what we like to call human skills that have proven time and time again to make or break teams and are the most crucial in building goal-oriented, efficient and purpose-driven teams.”

Duval further added, “There’s a driving need to rapidly grow resources and solutions to solve the complex problems, Gen Alpha, GenZs and Millennials inherit. F4S’s scalable technology is an always ready, real-time solution to optimize the otherwise untapped potential within our future problem solvers helping both individuals and teams to invent and navigate brighter futures.”

Besides, Michelle continues, “We’re really excited to welcome investors aligned to our vision to join us in the next stage of growth. We’re looking forward to strengthening our market footprint across the US, the UK and the Asia Pacific and to shipping even more value to our users and teams. Coach Marlee is improving personal, team and company performance. We’re building self-confidence and self-esteem and helping teams work better together. Ultimately, we’re helping people find meaning and fulfilment at work.”

What the investors have to add

Investible cofounder Trevor Folsom said, “Michelle and her team at F4S have managed to use technology to shape the future of work by helping businesses build a stronger, more resilient workforce.”

In addition, Reshmi Buthello, VP of People and Culture at Baraja, said, “F4S has removed the limitations of 1:1 coaching, providing a fully automated and scalable solution that can be deployed across Baraja’s offices worldwide. Our team is embracing the F4S experience. With Coach Marlee, we’re seeing a significant increase in team engagement and retention. Our teams have the power of an “always-on” coach that is not only personalized to individual drivers and motivations, but as a powerful cloud-based solution, it’s also scalable to support our ever-changing team dynamics.”

About the company 

In 2015, Michelle Duval launched the company. Fingerprint For Success (F4S) is a web app leveraging layered technology, data and conversational AI to empower individuals and teams to achieve amazing things in work, business and life.

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